Workout Anywhere’s Baseline Test is the ultimate efficient and effective measure for determining one’s fitness level and progress. Read on to get started on this anywhere fitness test!

Take on Workout Anywhere’s baseline test to designate a starting point and fitness level.  Then, after every four weeks, repeat to track progress.

We encourage everyone to post their scores either below or in the discussion section.  Posting now is a great way to journal an initial evaluation and for future comments regarding improvement (if you go to “community activity” you can favorite this to save your fitness scores in your profile area.)

Remember to always complete the warm-up before starting the workout of the week or Baseline Test.

Baseline Test

Workout Anywhere’s baseline test will only take three minutes to complete.  Beginners, intermediate and advanced level members should all complete this test.  However, there are variations that should be followed if you are not ready for the advanced movement.

All you need is a watch or a timer to complete this three minute workout.  Time yourself for a minute on these three exercises.  Record your variation of the movement and the number of repetitions.  The plank will be the only exercise that you are not counting repetitions on.  Simply time your plank and record if you were able to hold for the entire minute with proper form, or if you can hold it longer, keep going.  🙂

Before performing the Baseline Test, please review our proper exercise form video (it’s short):


Baseline Test

All exercises must be completed with great form for reps to count.

  • 1.  Push-ups or Knee Push Ups (if you know you’re a beginner) (One Minute)
  • 2. Squats or Chair Squats (if you know you’re a beginner) (One Minute)
  • 3. Plank (or planks from your knees if you’re a beginner) (Hold as long as possible!)
  • 4. For Advanced Only: Mile run for time

Post your scores below and then try the baseline next month to track your progress. Please comment in your group too.

Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

    15 replies to "Baseline Test By Workout Anywhere"

    • DJ Waldow

      PUSHUPS: DJ Waldow – 41; Kristina – 20
      SQUATS: DJ Waldow – 30; Kristina – 30 (was not that hard! focused on form!)
      PLANK: DJ Waldow – 90 sec; Kristina – 60 sec

    • Coach Jessica

      Great start guys! Looking forward to hearing more on your progress!

    • Annette Helling

      OK got it started! 8/21/13
      Push-ups – 26
      Squats – 35
      Plank – 90 sec.
      Did the warm-up first twice through, will try to work up to doing it three times through.
      I’m excited!

    • Coach Jessica

      Awesome initial bench mark and thank you for doing the warm up. We know you’ll crush this test when it comes back around.

    • Rachel Taasaas

      Here are my results for the baseline test….

      Push ups on knees- 17
      Squats- 22
      Plank- 1 minute 10 seconds!! (Last time I checked I could only do it for 47 seconds!!)
      1 mile run (on treadmill) 12 minutes 54 seconds

    • Coach Justin

      Great job Rachel! Perfect start to the new year!

    • Jacque Rundle

      Here’s my baseline…

      Knee Pushups: 22
      Squats: 39
      Toe Plank: 1min 2secs

    • Coach Justin

      Great job @jacquerun! Glad you’re in the program and off to a great start!

    • Tom Schoesler

      Plank- 1:54

    • Coach Justin

      That a way @tschoesler! Great scores!

    • Jboogy

      Jan 11 baseline test
      -knee push up 19
      -regular squats 26
      -regular plank 55 seconds

    • Coach Justin

      Great job @jadasimonsmac-com ! Nice Baseline Test scores!

    • Nadine Brown

      Push ups 0
      Chair squats 10
      Planks 0 seconds
      No mile run

    • Ashley Downer

      18 push-ups
      38 squats
      1 min 41 second plank

    • Coach Justin

      Nice work @adowner23 and great start!

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