The Workout Anywhere 12 Week Trainer is a game changer for any fitness level!

There are a magnitude of 12 week challenges and 12 week trainers available to those seeking scheduled weight loss.  However, none are as effective, versatile or accurately designed to be true stepping-stones towards a healthy lifestyle shift like Workout Anywhere’s 12 Week Trainer.

Designed by married fitness couple and now fitness family Jessica and Justin Rundle (RundleFit), working out anywhere is the self-applied training style that helped both coaches achieve their ideal weight loss and ultimate fitness goals, with a just a small time investment and minimal to no equipment needs. Since the start of their training careers, Team RundleFit has successfully helped thousands of members with their fitness goals.

Is Workout Anywhere truly all-level?

One of the major contrasts between Workout Anywhere and more well-known competitors is the accurate graduation and training frequency per/fitness level. Early on, Jessica and Justin Rundle were sought after to correct common issues with more mainstream programs.  From there (close to eight years ago), both committed to creating a process that not only provided desired results, but graduated members with a constant improvement formula over an immediate fitness 180. This helps members avoid burnout and still record fantastic results.

Workout Anywhere offers a True Beginner, intermediate or Advanced “Beast” mode for all-level training journeys.  Member’s are encouraged to start with the appropriate fitness level determined by a few tests and evaluations for an ideal progression.  Programs recommending too drastic of an increase in activity level can lead to burnout, Over Training Syndrome and added stress.  This style does work for some, but to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, twelve weeks should be the first milestone and not the end date for a training program.  Members of Workout Anywhere can move on the next fitness level, or a new training style or another 12 Week Trainer after graduating.

Are there any equipment needs?

Although most of Workout Anywhere’s workouts are body weight, core, conditioning and plyometric exercises, there are three pieces of affordable, transportable and highly versatile training devices recommended.  Through these devices, one can work out anywhere with unlimited variety.  The main piece of equipment replaces an entire gym and can either be made for the D.I.Y (do it yourselfers), or can be purchased for $15-$40.  This unit is the suspension trainer.  (See all the recommended equipment here). 

The suspension trainer amplifies body weight or decreases it for varied intensity.  In addition, one can hang the trainer, wedge it in a door jamb, wrap around a pole or tree branch and use it anywhere.  This is the most useful exercise device on the planet and Workout Anywhere is one of the few training programs to embrace it. (By the way, the suspension trainer is lightweight and fits into a small pouch).  

What about nutrition and accountability needs?

One of our major strengths is applying realistic nutrition plans and recipes, that simply equal results. Following Coach Jessica’s healthy lifestyle pack (7 Day Detox, Eat Clean and On-The-Go meal plans) has helped busy people everywhere enjoy healthy nutrition habits.

In addition, Workout Anywhere is a community for all fitness levels. On site and on Facebook, there are several themed groups for finding extra accountability and motivation from peers and Coaches Jessica and Justin Rundle. Beyond the general groups, Coach Jessica even has a “New Mom’s Group,” plus there are seasonal challenge groups and much more.

How do I join Workout Anywhere?

To get started on the best 12 weeks of your life and begin your personal 12 week home training program Become A Member .  It’s free to start and is a sure bet for creating a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, join our fitness community to see share, motivate, challenge, discuss and talk fitness.

Cheers to your health!


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Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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