The Five Best Protein Bars

Snack and protein bars are often the go-to for convenient, “healthy” snack or meal replacement. However, do consumers really know what’s in their protein bar? Read on to learn which bars made the cut as the Five Best Protein Bars, and why some of the most well-known snack bars were excluded. Protein Here, Get Your…

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Jessica’s Slimming Green Juice Recipe

Jessica's Slimming Green Juice Recipe

Green juice recipes are being haled as magical health elixirs.  In short, they are!  From features on Dr. Oz, to scientific studies and documentaries proving their worth, raw juicing is nothing short of a nutrition game changer. There are numerous health benefits from green “raw” juice, including overall improved health, improved digestion, immune system support,…

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Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

It’s Friday night and you have been eating clean all week.  Do you deserve a drink, or will it ruin your hard earned progress towards your weight loss goal? Read on to learn the effects of alcohol and then decide if the occasional drink is worth it. Plus, see the “if you must have a…

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New Home Workouts, For All Levels, For Life

Get The Best At Home or Travel Workouts with Workout Anywhere

RundleFit’s Workout Anywhere training system provides the best in home workouts for all ability levels, for life.  Meaning, the Workout Anywhere system is a constant training program without an end date or recycled content. Members can expect new weekly workouts, for as long as living a healthy lifestyle is desired. Jessica and Justin Rundle (Team RundleFit)…

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