Fit Dad 4 Minute Home Ab Workout

4-Minute Abs & Total Core | 6 Pack Abs Workout | Workout Anywhere

Let’s face it! You’re busy. But, being busy shouldn’t get in the way of taking care of your men’s health and fitness needs. That’s why Workout Anywhere cofounder and Spokane Fitness expert, Justin Rundle, is providing regular new workouts for busy fit dads, on our new Men’s Fitness page. Fit Dad 4 Minute Home Ab…

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Fit Dad Bodyweight Bicep Curl Exercise

Justin Rundle's Back and Bicep workout

Bicep curls may be the most popular exercise in the world! Maybe that’s exaggerated, but can you think of any better way to train before the sun’s out? Best of all, if you’re a busy fit dad, our bodyweight bicep curl is the ultimate quick and effective bicep exercise, and it WORKS! Follow the video…

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Plyo Push UP Fitness Challenge

Plyo Push Ups - Workout Anywhere

Plyo Push-Ups are a phenomenal dynamic exercise for enhancing upper body and core strength. More advanced than the traditional push-up, plyo push-ups will take one’s strength to a whole new level. Once you master the Plyo Push-Ups, take on the rest of our Fitness Challenge Board. Don’t forget to submit for your points to earn those…

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