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This is the full list of Workout Anywhere lower body exercises.

Mini Band Sidewalk Exercise – AKA Defensive Slides


Mini Band Sidewalks are a great exercise for developing lateral strength and mobility in one’s lower body. Plus, they’re great for promoting strength around the hips and knees. Check out Coach Jessica’s demonstration of the Mini Band Sidewalk Exercise, aka. Defensive Slides. Are you ready to take on this lower body exercise. Let us know…

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Scissor Hops – Lower Body Plyometric and Strength Exercise

Alternating Lunges - Workout Anywhere

Scissor Hops are a wonderful plyometric and lower body strength exercise for targeting the lower body (glutes, hamstrings and quads). Plus, they’re a great conditioning exercise and can benefit the core as well. Best of all, one can perform the Scissor Hops at home, the gym or literally anywhere. Additionally, the video contains an advanced,…

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Exercise Ball Hip Bridge

Jessica's Home Glute Workout

Exercise Ball Hip Bridges are the ultimate glute and hamstring exercise for home, the gym or anywhere. Try Coach Jessica’s version, or Coach Justin’s advanced Single Leg Hip Bridge in the below. Video fact, this is one of Coach Jessica’s favorite exercises and was used post-pregnancy to regain core and lower body strength. However, this…

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Box Jumps Workout Anywhere Style

Optimized-Box Jumps Workout Anywhere Style

Box jumps are a great plyometric exercise for improving one’s fast twitch muscle bodies. When used correctly, one can improve strength, power and agility just by running through various hopping exercises. Watch the video to learn how we perform box jumps ANYWHERE. No gym required!  

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Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing - Workout Anywhere

The Kettlebell Swing is a great total body movement starting with the hips and ending through the kinetic chain (shoulders and arms). Watch the quick video tutorial to get started, and then perform today’s lesson criteria. Have a Kettlebell Swing question? Please leave us some feedback in the comments below.

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Alternating Lunge Exercise or Walking Lunge Exercise

Alternating Lunges - Workout Anywhere

Below is a great video demo on how to lunge correctly. Watch Coach Jessica as she demonstrates the alternating lunge exercise. To turn this into a walking lunge, just step through the front heel and move forward. Right into the next lunge. Alternating Lunge Workout Details: Try to keep your chest and eyes up Step…

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Step Ups – Lower Body Strength Training Exercise For Anywhere

The Anywhere Glute Workout

Step Ups are a great way to target the glutes and hamstrings, as long as you step through the heel. To begin, watch the video tutorial below and then get started. Workout Details; To begin, find a sturdy box, bench or step and then step. Place on foot on top of the bench or box and…

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Monster Walks – Hips, Glutes and Lower Body Strength Training Exercise

Side Walk Fit Challenge Badge - Workout Anywhere

It’s true that strong hips equals stronger and more injury resilient knees! Unfortunately, most forget about training the lateral and medial, lower body muscle groups. However, have no fear. Developing strong hips is easy and can be achieved with just a couple, simple bodyweight exercises (for best results use a resistance or mini band). Watch…

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Jumping Jacks & Low Impact Jacks Exercise

20 Minute No Running Fat Burning Cardio Blast

Watch Workout Anywhere founder explain the classic Jumping Jacks and Low Impact Jumping Jacks exercise. Jumping jacks are a great way to get your heart rate up in your workout, or use them as a warm-up exercise.  Low impact jumping jacks are a awesome to add to a warm-up if you are unable to do…

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Beginner Suspension Trainer Squat Exercise

beginner squats

The beginner suspension trainer squat exercise is awesome if you are just learning how to squat. The suspension trainer can make any exercise all-level. For example, bodyweight squats can become even lower impact by anchoring a suspension trainer to a mount, wall or door jam, and counterweighting one’s bodyweight as they squat back.

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Goblet Squat Exercise


The goblet squat is a wonderful lower body home exercise perfect for developing lower body strength and muscle tone. Use this exercise to strengthen and tone the lower body, and feel free to alternate between dumbells and kettlebells.

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Bird Feeder aka Single Leg Deadlift Exercise

deadlift single leg

Workout Anywhere’s | | new Home & Travel Strength & Lean Mass series is almost complete. Unique, but highly effective exercises like the “Bird Feeder,” aka Single Leg Deadlifts are just a piece of the unlimited exercise variety found within the trainer. To take on this Single Leg Deadlift (SLDL) exercise, follow the quick…

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Med Ball Squat with Front Shoulder Raise Exercise

squat with shoulder raise

Workout Anywhere is back with another total body strength exercise. The squat with front shoulder raise movement activates your lower body, core and upper body in one movement. Keep your core tight, squat back on your heels, stand back up, and raise the ball while breathing out. Keep posture upright and don’t forget to breathe.

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Leg Curl with Ball Exercise

hamstring curl

Leg curl with a ball exercise is the perfect exercise for strengthening and toning your hamstring muscles along with your calves, glutes and hip flexors. Lay on the floor on your back with your arms at your side. Place your feet on the ball.  Raise hips into the air (Keep your core tight.) Roll the…

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Beginner Chair Mt. Climber Exercise

mt climbers

Try this beginner chair mt. climber exercise. Take on this modified, fat burning cardio exercise on a chair, wall or raised surface to utilize Workout Anywhere’s graduated scalability training method.

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Mt. Climbers Exercise

mountain climbers

Learn how to do a mt. climber with coach Jessica and Justin Rundle. Add this fat burning cardio exercise to your routine to burn calories, develop core strength and to Workout Anywhere.

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Squat with Tricep Extension Exercise

squat with tricep extension

Squat with Tricep Extension Exercise is a great total body movement.  This movement works your glutes, hamstrings and quad muscles along with your tricep and shoulders.  We are demonstrating with a medicine ball, but you can also use a dumbbell, kettlebell, or any weighted object on hand.  Don’t forget to keep your chest up and…

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Medicine Ball Burpees Exercise

advanced burpees

Medicine ball burpees are the perfect way to step your game up if you are an advanced RundleFitter. That’s right, one can elevate the intensity of the burpee by adding another element. Use this Workout Anywhere exercise to increase the burn from body fat, and to strengthen and tone the entire body.

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High Knee Run Exercise

running high knees

Follow Workout Anywhere’s High Knee Run, or Running High Knees demonstration to perform fat burning cardio moves anywhere.

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Cart Drill Bodyweight Hamstring Exercise

Cart Drill Bodyweight Hamstring Exercise

The cart drill is one of the most unique & effective bodyweight hamstring exercises that actually works. Start with just bodyweight (on a cart or skateboard), and then progress to hauling weights. Like this exercise? Let us hear about it in the comments below. Also, check out our Exercise Board for more of the best…

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