Heismans – Home Cardio Exercise

running high knees

Heismans are a great home cardio exercise that can be performed at home, the gym or literally anywhere. No gym or equipment required. Follow your Workout Anywhere coach Justin Rundle as he leads a quick tutorial on how to add Heismans into your home fat burning cardio routine. What do you think about this home…

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Box Jumps Workout Anywhere Style

Optimized-Box Jumps Workout Anywhere Style

Box jumps are a great plyometric exercise for improving one’s fast twitch muscle bodies. When used correctly, one can improve strength, power and agility just by running through various hopping exercises. Watch the video to learn how we perform box jumps ANYWHERE. No gym required!  

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Star Jack Plyometric Exercise

Star Jack Exercise - Workout Anywhere

Feeling springy? The Star Jack is the ultimate plyometric exercise for advanced Workout Anywhere members. Simply follow the quick tutorial, and begin. Star Jack Exercise Points: Squat and touch the outer arch of your feet, but keep your eyes and chest up Explode upward and spread legs and arms like a jumping jack in midair…

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Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing - Workout Anywhere

The Kettlebell Swing is a great total body movement starting with the hips and ending through the kinetic chain (shoulders and arms). Watch the quick video tutorial to get started, and then perform today’s lesson criteria. Have a Kettlebell Swing question? Please leave us some feedback in the comments below.

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Jumping Jacks & Low Impact Jacks Exercise

20 Minute No Running Fat Burning Cardio Blast

Watch Workout Anywhere founder explain the classic Jumping Jacks and Low Impact Jumping Jacks exercise. Jumping jacks are a great way to get your heart rate up in your workout, or use them as a warm-up exercise.  Low impact jumping jacks are a awesome to add to a warm-up if you are unable to do…

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Battle Ropes Jacks Exercise

battle ropes exercise

Battle ropes exercise is the perfect fat burning exercise. Dad Bods are a hot topic thanks to the news and sites like BuzzFeed. If you’re ready to turn on some Man Power and Workout Anywhere, try this Dad Bod Extreme Fat Burning Exercise known as Battle Rope Jacks. This exercise will work your shoulder muscles…

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Interval Running Exercise

interval running

Interval running and training is the most effective way to burn fat and calories. Try intervals the next time you run. Sprint for 30-60 seconds and then walk 60-90 seconds. Repeat sprints 10 times. Always warm up before your workout. Cool down and stretch post workout. Running is a great anywhere workout. No equipment needed.

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Beginner Chair Mt. Climber Exercise

mt climbers

Try this beginner chair mt. climber exercise. Take on this modified, fat burning cardio exercise on a chair, wall or raised surface to utilize Workout Anywhere’s graduated scalability training method.

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Mt. Climbers Exercise

mountain climbers

Learn how to do a mt. climber with coach Jessica and Justin Rundle. Add this fat burning cardio exercise to your routine to burn calories, develop core strength and to Workout Anywhere.

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Medicine Ball Burpees Exercise

advanced burpees

Medicine ball burpees are the perfect way to step your game up if you are an advanced RundleFitter. That’s right, one can elevate the intensity of the burpee by adding another element. Use this Workout Anywhere exercise to increase the burn from body fat, and to strengthen and tone the entire body.

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High Knee Run Exercise

running high knees

Follow Workout Anywhere’s High Knee Run, or Running High Knees demonstration to perform fat burning cardio moves anywhere.

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Ball Slam Exercise

medicine ball exercise

Try the medicine ball slam exercise for an awesome total body workout.  The ball slam exercise works your upper body, lower body and core muscles when performed properly.  Remember to keep your core tight, your chest up and weight in your heals while squatting.  Don’t forget to use a non-bounce (sand filled) medicine ball.

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Boxer Shuffle Cardio Exercise

boxer shuffles

Jessica Rundle of Workout Anywhere (https://www.workoutanywhere.net) demonstrates how to turn on one’s inner Rocky. Boxer shuffles are a great conditioning movement to add to any workout, or can be found as part of Workout Anywhere’s fat burning cardio routines. Join Workout Anywhere for FREE and experience fat loss that works. Whether you’re looking for home…

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Chair Toe Taps Exercise

toe taps

Jessica Rundle of Workout Anywhere (https://www.workoutanywhere.net) shows one of her favorite fat burning cardio moves, chair toe taps. This can be used in home workouts, travel workouts or anywhere. Apply this exercise to our other fat burning cardio drills for a complete conditioning workout. In addition, feel free to contact coach Jessica Rundle at Workout…

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How to do the Side Shuffle Exercise

Side Shuffle Fit Challenge Badge - Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere demonstrates the side shuffle. Try this exercise anywhere for a great leg toning and fat burning movement. The side shuffle is the perfect lower body exercise to add to your routine to strengthen your hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings while raising your heart rate.

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Bodyweight Exercise: Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl Fit Challenge - Workout Anywhere

Bear Crawls are a phenomenal total body exercise and can be done anywhere. Watch your Workout Anywhere coaches Jessica and Justin Rundle as they perform this epic bodyweight exercise. To step things up, try this total body hill workout (which includes backward bear crawls!): 5 Minute Hill HITT Workout Like the Bear Crawl exercise? Let…

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Plate Pushes | The Best Fat Burning Exercise

Plate Pushes - Fat Burning Exercise

[ess_grid settings='{“entry-skin”:”4″,”layout-sizing”:”boxed”,”grid-layout”:”even”,”spacings”:”0″,”rows-unlimited”:”off”,”columns”:”1″,”rows”:”1″,”grid-animation”:”fade”,”use-spinner”:”0″}’ layers='{“custom-youtube”:{“00″:”DeL2uzgOW8U”},”custom-type”:{“00″:”youtube”},”custom-ratio”:{“00″:”0″},”use-skin”:{“00″:”-1″}}’][/ess_grid] Have you tried Plate Pushes yet? If not, this is one of our boot campers and performance training athletes favorite exercises. Why is a crowd favorite? Not only does this exercise burn fat fast, it promotes strength gains and lean muscle growth in the glutes, hamstrings, calves, core and shoulders. This is…

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Burpees Exercise

Burpee Love Fitness Challenge Badge

[ess_grid settings='{“entry-skin”:”4″,”layout-sizing”:”boxed”,”grid-layout”:”even”,”spacings”:”0″,”rows-unlimited”:”off”,”columns”:”1″,”rows”:”1″,”grid-animation”:”fade”,”use-spinner”:”0″}’ layers='{“custom-youtube”:{“00″:”C2uusIW7QrA”},”custom-type”:{“00″:”youtube”},”custom-ratio”:{“00″:”0″},”use-skin”:{“00″:”-1″}}’][/ess_grid] It’s almost impossible to avoid burpees when fat loss is concerned. Take on our beginner or advanced burpee variations to make the most of your total body workout. Then, take on the rest of our Fitness Challenge Board. Don’t forget to submit for your points to earn those Workout Anywhere perks. How long…

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Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Recovery Cardio Workout with no Jumping

True Beginner Workouts - Workout Anywhere

Over the past decade, we’ve noticed a major problem with most pop home workout programs and mainstream fitness programs. Most do not provide a low impact solution for those just starting their journey or for those with joint issues. Ultimately, it’s amazing if one makes it through an improperly scaled training program. However, for those…

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Glute and Butt Exercise Plus Fat Burning Cardio With The Anywhere Stair Master

The Anywhere Glute Workout

Leave The Gym and Expensive Equipment Behind & Use The Anywhere StairMaster Stair workouts are some of the most effective methods for burning body fat and excess calories.  However, there is a bias towards going to a gym and jumping on a revolving stair machine.  If you have extra time on your hand, this is…

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