Over the past decade, there’s been a massive shift in the growth of new home fitness programs. So many fitness enthusiasts are forgoing the expenses and added commute to the gym, and refocusing their fitness efforts at home or anywhere a mobile device can play a workout video, or open a PDF guide.

If you’re an avid gym-goer, and solely committed to the gym, then this review is not for you. However, if you enjoy home workouts or have any interest in trying a home fitness program, read on to discover the hottest home fitness programs of 2016 and which one is right for you.

Author Background: About Coach Justin Rundle and Why He’s a Home & Travel Fitness Expert

Before diving into the top home fitness programs, here’s a little background about my expertise within the home & travel fitness industry. I’ve been a coach and trainer for ten years and actually started developing my training style with my wife Jessica Rundle. All the way back when P90x first emerged into infomercials. In addition, CrossFit was becoming more popular and there were plenty of components we liked about these programs. In addition, there were things we felt we could improve on.

In turn, our beliefs about these programs became valid, especially when we had the opportunity to train individuals and groups who had previously used the programs above. At this point in our careers, our programming is nearly a decade of personal training innovation and real world feedback of what works for most busy people and their fitness goals.

From our education, experience and constant improvement formula, I believe I’m an excellent indicator of what a good home workout and traveling fitness program truly is. So, needless to say, below are the top home fitness programs of 2016.

Top Home Fitness Programs Reviewed

The Top Home Fitness Programs of 2016 Reviewed

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. In this review, we’re running through the pros and cons of each program and providing a rating scale of 1-5, where one is the worst and five is the best. In addition, were providing the top five program facts every consumer should know before investing in a program. These are cost, effectiveness, whether or not the program is all-level friendly, accessibility and equipment needs.

To begin, I’ll start with number eight of the fitness industries top home workout programs and then end with number one.

Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide (BBG)

Developed by a 24-year-old Australian fitness trainer Kayla Itsines, this guide consists of 2 online 12-week workout plans for the moderate price of $69.97 ( per guide). If the price is manageable, don’t forget there’s a major need for various pieces of exercise equipment (so this home fitness program is best suited for the gym (another cost).

Kayla’s workout videos are just under 30 minutes in length and can be accessed through PDF’s or through a new app. Once a plan is finished, there’s an option to upgrade to receive additional training plans.

As you’ll see in the cons of this section, Kayla is just the spokesperson for her training program and this makes it difficult to deem her program as one of the best, if she had others design and develop it.

  • Good short-term solution for weight loss (not a sustainable program for long-term results)
  • Accommodates all dietary preferences
  • Geared towards a female audience
  • Workouts should be conducted in a gym or large room with a variety of equipment
  • Nutrition plans resemble plans from the bikini category of the bodybuilding world. This means, meal plans are not a sustainable approach towards long-term weight loss.
  • Not suitable for people beyond their mid-twenties
  • Guides were not actually written by Kayla Itsines (as seen in the product disclaimers). Not a huge shock, since most fitness industry leaders require years of training knowledge to fully understand most body types and fitness goals.
  • No online support or real training guidance
  • Accessibility: 2.5
  • Effectiveness: 3
  • All-level friendly: 4
  • Cost: 2.5
  • Equipment needs: 2
  • Overall: 2.8

Ashley Horner Fitness

Ashley Horner Fitness provides a series of personalized home workout programs geared towards strength training, growth of lean muscle mass and conditioning. Her most popular programs include “Becoming Extraordinary”, “Recreating You” and “Magnify You.” All can be purchased and downloaded for $100/guide.

  • Includes cookbook and nutrition plan
  • Primary emphasis on weightlifting (so this is more of a gym training plan over home workout)
  • Not beginner friendly.
  • Long workouts
  • Must be a self starter. There’s no guidance beyond the guide.
  • Accessibility: 2.5
  • Effectiveness: 3.5
  • All-level friendly: 2.5
  • Cost: 2
  • Equipment needs: 2
  • Overall: 3


INSANITY by Beachbody

The name perfectly describes the program. It’s insane! These hardcore home workouts come in DVD form and are best suited for intermediate to advanced workout enthusiasts. Insanity is available for $144 and consists of a 60-day series of 10 30-60 minute workout routines based on “max interval training”, where your body is subjected to short bursts of intense exercise, followed by longer intervals of rest and recovery.

Insanity is not for beginners (however, beginner fitness levels are the biggest consumers of Insanity). In addition, workouts are long, (although there is a 25 minutes version known as T25 (which excludes the warm-up)).

One of Beachbody’s most successful sales strategies is allowing anyone to become a certified “Beachbody Coach.” While this is a great business tactic, it diminishes the value of what a personal trainer or coach truly is. Not everyone is meant to be a coach, and handing out Beachbody certifications like it’s going out of style proves that Beachbody only cares about the bottom line $, and not changing the lives of others.

  • No equipment needed
  • Great for temporary weight loss and muscle growth
  • Nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar included
  • Flexibility training is not included
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Not joint friendly
  • Online support is from either entry-level trainers, virtual assistants or Beachbody coaches
  • Beachbody allows anyone who pays into the Beachbody Coach system to become a Beachbody coach or “trainer.” This diminishes the brand’s credibility
  • No graduation process after an INSANE training regimen. This generally leads to temporary results
  • Accessibility: 3
  • Effectiveness: 4
  • All-level friendly: 1.5 (this is an advanced training program and the modifiers are best for intermediate / upper intermediate users)
  • Cost: 3.5
  • Equipment needs: 5
  • Overall: 3.4


P90X By Beachbody

P90x has become a series of popular training DVD’s that has literally launched the Beachbody brand and has helped them become a multi-billion dollar company. These bestselling 90-day home workout program DVDs by Tony Horton, uses 12 routines based on “muscle confusion” to create transformative mix-and-match routines.

The 20-60 minute long videos cover training techniques, from Yoga, Kempo Karate to plyometrics and core synergistics. This is all available for $140.

  • Best for Intermediate to Advanced Fitness Levels
  • Nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar included
  • P90X 30 is a more time friendly training option
  • Needs a plethora of expensive equipment (chin up bar, resistance bands, dumbbells, yoga mat etc.)
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Lack of variety. The primary 12 workouts can get old really quick, making this another program designed for short-term results.
  • Online support option, but not guidance from the founder of the program or highly trained trainers.
  • Beachbody allows anyone who pays into the Beachbody Coach system to become a Beachbody coach or “trainer.” This diminishes the brand’s credibility.
  • Accessibility: 4
  • Effectiveness: 4.5
  • All-level friendly: 2
  • Cost: 3.5
  • Equipment needs: 2.5
  • Overall: 3.3


Fitness Blender

Hosted by the fit duo of Daniel and Kelli Segars, Fitness Blender is a holistic home fitness program that’s easy to follow, and has video lengths ranging from 5 minutes to 90 minutes. They offer a wide variety of free online videos covering yoga, pilates, high intensity workouts, butt specific routines and much more.

Although Fitness Blender’s videos are very straight to the point and avoid much production value, they’re easily one of the largest home workouts programs online.

  • Downloadable ebook programs and meal plans available
  • 100% free routines
  • 100’s of different workout routines
  • Realistic trainers and goals

Simplistic videos without countdown timers or background beats/music

No offline access

No personal guidance or feedback

A wide variety of home fitness equipment is used, so be prepared to spend in order to keep up with the various routines

  • Accessibility: 4.5
  • Effectiveness: 3.5
  • All-level friendly: 3.5
  • Cost: 5
  • Equipment needs: 4
  • Overall: 4.1

Workout Anywhere

The ultimate blend of home and travel training with personable virtual training is Workout Anywhere. Founded by Jessica and Justin Rundle, Workout Anywhere is an affordable comprehensive fitness program that allows one to master the benefits of bodyweight and minimal equipment exercises and train literally anywhere.

Workout Anywhere workouts are efficient and effective and range from 8-30 minute long workout videos with guides. Even better, there’s a free option as well as affordable priced memberships starting at $9.95 per month.

  • Family friendly workouts
  • Flexible duration, intensity and location
  • All level friendly
  • Works well for busy people seeking sustainable, long-term results
  • Online accountability/coaching from the founders of Workout Anywhere
  • Community still growing
  • App not available yet, but coming Soon
  • Accessibility: 5 (either desktop, mobile or PDF formats available)
  • Effectiveness: 5 (designed for sustainable, long-term results)
  • All-level friendly: 5 (Offers true beginner, intermediate and advanced options)
  • Cost: 4.5
  • Equipment needs: 4.5
  • Overall: 4.8


Final Thoughts

When looking into home fitness & travel friendly training programs, it’s easy to allow the media’s noise or hype for a popular program distract what one really needs out of a home fitness program.

Being sure that a program is constructed for all-levels, and is capable of keeping one accountable is part of the healthy lifestyle formula for developing a healthy lifestyle and not a fitness highlight.

Just be sure to do your homework and ask questions for any program in consideration. If you need my guidance, you can ask me at WorkoutAnywhere.com.

Cheers to your health!

Justin Rundle

Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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