Gymnasts, American Ninjas, and football pros like Hershel Walker and Shaun Alexander preferred bodyweight exercises over weights to gain strength and lean mass in their upper bodies. With great reason too! Mastering traditional push-ups is an amazing jump-start for one’s fitness training and overall strength and can literally replace weight training.

To fuel your training needs, your Workout Anywhere founders and coaches have provided the top ten push-up exercises one can do anywhere without weights or heavy equipment. In addition, we’ll provide some beginner push-ups, all the way to advanced so anyone can feel the power of Workout Anywhere.

Keep reading to discover the “The Nine Best Push-Ups You Can Do Anywhere,” exclusively from the Workout Anywhere Push-Up Week!

The Nine Best Push Ups You Can Do Anywhere

Beginner Push-Up Variations

1) Proper push-up form and entry level push-ups

2) Suspension Trainer Push-Ups

3) Beginner Stability Ball Push-Ups

Intermediate Push-Ups

4)?Bench or Incline Push Ups

5)?Side to Side Push-Ups

6) Tricep Push-Ups

Advanced Push-Ups

7) Advanced Stability Ball Push-Ups

8) Ninja Push-Ups

9) Resistance Band Push Ups

What’s your favorite Push-Up Week Exercise?

So many push-up exercises, so little time. We would love to hear your feedback on which push-up exercise was your favorite, or what you would like to see more of.

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Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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