Camilles Mini-Stuffed Peppers

Camille's Stuffed Peppers

As our Workout Anywhere member Camille elegantly said, “Stuffed peppers, they’re so hot right now!” Thanks to her, we have an amazing, delicious and nutritious stuffed pepper recipe our community and your whole family will love! Camille’s goal was to make a nutritious recipe that is both extremely tasty and shareable for the Super Bowl. Read…

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The Eight Best Super Bowl Dishes Revealed

Super Bowl Recipes Made Healthy

Super Bowl 50 is just about here and that means football, family, friends and food. If you’re serious about your healthy lifestyle journey this year, but want to eat delicious and nutritious (non-diet) food, then this article is for you. Read on to discover The Eight Best Super Bowl Dishes for your Super Bowl party. Your health…

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How To Make 7 Layer Bean Dip Lighter and Healthier For The Super Bowl

Healthy 7 layer bean dip

Super Bowl Sunday is generally a celebration and feast, but can be a New Year resolution buster.  To avoid this dietary pitfall try our “healthier substitution recipes” to stay on track.  None are more ideal for Super Bowl Sunday then our 7 layer dip.  Make this Sunday a fun day (and not a complete cheat day).…

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