Spokane Fitness & The Official Hoopfest Stretch Routine

workout anywhere stretch routine

Post-workout is the best time to stretch, cool down and work on mobility. There’s no better way to prepare your muscles for another Hoopfest game, or next workout, by working on recovery practices. Watch the simple, yet effective video below to learn how to stretch and foam roll efficiently, yet effectively. Don’t Forget to Stretch…

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Push Past Your Fitness Threshold With Spokane’s Hottest Fitness Challenge

12 Week Fitness Challenge For Busy People | Workout Anywhere

The New Year can bring out the best in people.  Whether its giving up smoking, drinking or discovering the new, healthier you, most resolutions revolve around health and fitness.  For those seeking an added incentive, and a way to avoid making this year’s resolution the next year’s, discover a simple, yet highly effective training solution…

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