Jessica’s Slimming Green Juice Recipe

Jessica's Slimming Green Juice Recipe

Green juice recipes are being haled as magical health elixirs.  In short, they are!  From features on Dr. Oz, to scientific studies and documentaries proving their worth, raw juicing is nothing short of a nutrition game changer. There are numerous health benefits from green “raw” juice, including overall improved health, improved digestion, immune system support,…

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How To Manage Stress and Weight Loss When Time Poor

Dealing With Stress and Weight Loss When Time Poor As the series of frequently asked questions continues, another popular debate is that of how to deal with stress and weight loss. Unfortunately, stress and the hormone cortisol can be a volatile component to weight loss.  Cortisol can damper a healthy metabolism, promote inflammation, and trigger over-eating.…

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Relieve Stress, Release Fat

The number one stress hormone: Cortisol, can be linked to another of health issues, including unwanted fat stores. Read on to learn how to “Relieve Stress and Release Fat, with simple stress fighting tips that can cut down cortisol and burn body fat starting today! Do you even juice? That one liner can be perceived…

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