Our Member’s Favorite Hotel Room Workouts – Travel Workouts

Travel Workouts - Workout Anywhere

Over the years, Coach Jessica Rundle and I have provided our Spokane, Seattle, Coeur d’Alene, Missoula and Northwest based members with home and travel friendly exercises / workouts that can be literally used anywhere. No equipment or gym required. We do occasionally recommend some travel friendly devices like bands, or a suspension trainer, to enhance…

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Hotel Room Total Body Workout – Family Fitness Style

Hotel Room Total Body Workout

Making fitness a priority is not always easy if your plan revolves around equipment or a gym. However, for best results, your Workout Anywhere team and fitness family prefer to use their surroundings and hotel room for the ultimate bodyweight training dojo. You can too! We’ve even included our son William into the training plan…

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Suspension Trainer Hotel Room Workout – Travel Workout

Suspension Trainer Hotel Room Workout

Traveling can be a big excuse for some just to simply not workout or eat right. However, with the right guidance and training, making fitness a priority (even while traveling) is easy. Best of all, one doesn’t need a gym, or the hotel “dreadmill” for a good workout. Just follow the simple workout tips below…

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Hotel Room Upper Body Workout

RundleFit Family Vacation - Upper Body Hotel Room Workout

May was a busy and fun Month for Team RundleFit. We left our home base of Spokane, Washington for the first time in three years and embarked on a fun, active vacation in the Orange County of Southern California. Laguna Beach to be precise. This may not be the case for some, but squeezing in…

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How to Stream The Best Fit Videos and Work Out Anywhere

The Best Streaming Fit Videos - Workout Anywhere

Over the past decade, Coach Jessica Rundle and I have worked with countless people trying to make healthy a lifestyle in spite of a busy schedule.  Most of our clients have families, busy work and hectic traveling schedules.  Trying to make progress with these demands can be difficult, especially when it takes consistency to produce…

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