Hotel Room Total Body Workout – Family Fitness Style

Hotel Room Total Body Workout

Making fitness a priority is not always easy if your plan revolves around equipment or a gym. However, for best results, your Workout Anywhere team and fitness family prefer to use their surroundings and hotel room for the ultimate bodyweight training dojo. You can too! We’ve even included our son William into the training plan…

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The 4-Minute Circuit Workout You Can Do Anywhere

4 Minute Workout Anywhere

If you’re a busy parent like us, time is of the essence, but fitness goals are still a priority (especially with summer around the corner). Our Workout Anywhere Fit in 4 Workout can be done ANYWHERE and without equipment. That means no barriers to burning calories. Plus, anyone can squeeze in four minutes of exercise.…

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The Hottest Fitness Trend and Workout of 2015 is The One You Can Do Anywhere

15 Second Workout Videos | Workout Anywhere

The hottest fitness trend of 2015 is the one you can do anywhere! Americans are seeking more effective training styles that not only deliver results, but are versatile enough for even the busiest of lifestyles.  Read on to find out about the founders of the this movement and how workouts for busy people and family fitness is…

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The 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout For Fun Family Fitness

Family Fitness - The Best Upper Body Exercise For Dad

The long hours of work and commuting can take its toal on one’s health and fitness.  However, bodyweight workouts provide a quick and effective training solution for anyone, anywhere. Regardless of fitness level or age, Workout Anywhere coaches Jessica and Justin Rundle know how to scale workouts accordingly. Whether fitness is “me” time, or an…

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