Lettuce Wrap Tacos

chicken lettuce wraps

Almost everyone loves tacos! However, the extra carbs from shells and fat from beef and dairy can make tacos unclean. Use Jessica’s Cleaner Leaner Kitchen recipe to make tacos delicious, nutritious and clean again! This recipe is a good substitute for your clean meals throughout the week, or a recipe the whole family can enjoy…

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Northwest Chicken Salad

Northwest Chicken Salad Recipe

The Northwest Chicken Salad is a major hit for lunch or dinner! Follow the simple instructions and video to make this Eat Clean approved recipe. Simply mix: 2 Cans of Chicken 1 Bag of Spinach 2 Apples Reduced Fat Feta Cheese Drizzle Preferred Dressing Then, Shake in a bowl or Glad Bag until thoroughly mixed…

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