Real People, Real Results: Jason’s Success Story

Jason's Before & After Pics

2016’s New Year, New You Fitness Challenge is a wrap, and our members did a phenomenal job finishing strong and achieving their fitness goals. Jason not only met his goal, but plans on continuing his healthy lifestyle journey to further fit goals. Watch his video and check out his results below to get motivated this…

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Shannon’s Before And After Success Story Testimonial

Shannon's Before and After Success Story w/ Workout Anywhere

Shannon is another one of our hard working, Workout Anywhere members. She has been participating in the nation’s and Spokane’s hottest fitness challenge to earn her fitness goal, get fit and earn incentives for doing so. Shannon says: This program was awesome!! Thanks guys for helping me get closer to my weight loss goal. I have…

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Chip Lost Over 20 Pounds and 12.5in! Before & After Success Story w/ Workout Anywhere

Chip's Before and After With Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere member Chip gives a before and after success story testimonial on his overall healthy lifestyle journey. He’s lost over 20 pounds and 12.5 inches. In addition, he is more functionally fit and thanks Workout Anywhere for changing his life just in time for his wedding! Watch her video to hear about her healthy lifestyle journey…

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Workout Anywhere’s Before and After Testimonial with Lorilei

Lorilei's Before And After With Workout Anywhere

Lorilei is a hard working, busy grandparent who needed to improve her fitness level and health with a simple, non-sense free, effective training solution that works with his schedule. Here’s what he had to say: “Thanks again for a great 12-week challenge.  I really can’t believe how much progress I made in 12-weeks.  I appreciate all…

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Mary Ann’s Success Story: “My quality of life is better than ever thanks to Workout Anywhere!”

Mary Ann Before And After - Workout Anywhere

I began working with Justin Rundle one year ago and incorporating Jessica and Justin’s Workout Anywhere program into mydaily living. My goals were to loose ten pounds and gain strength, balance, and flexibility. Because I have a disabling neurological disorder I wasn’t sure there was much hope. I was diagnosed with this disorder two years…

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Christians Success Story: “Thanks to Workout Anywhere, I dominated the Men’s Health Urbanathlon!”

Christian's Testimonial

“You ever have that feeling no matter how much you work out you feel like you’re not improving? Well that’s where I was. I did a pretty good job getting myself started. I lost weight, had more energy, and just felt better. Eventually I hit a plateau. One day while training for an annual firefighter…

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Brenda’s Story: “I’m healthier and happier than ever!”

Real People Real Results - Workout Anywhere

“I wanted to participate in the RundleFit Challenge to optimize the start of my new lifestyle. For 20 years I have had a gradual steady weight gain. The last couple of years my weight gain and muscle loss has escalated quickly. Due to my hectic schedule, and back problems I knew I needed help to…

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Workout Anywhere Helped Me Get off Medications and Improve My Life!

Richard Before and After - Workout Anywhere

“Justin Rundle has been my personal trainer for the past two years. When Justin began training me, my blood sugar tests indicated that I was pre-diabetic. After working with Justin, I have lost twenty-five pounds, and my blood sugar now tests in the normal range. His knowledge of nutrition was invaluable. Justin is a gifted…

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Jason’s Story: “I lost over 40 Pounds Thanks to Workout Anywhere!”

Real People Real Results - Workout Anywhere

“I just wanted to thank Justin and Jessica Rundle from RundleFit for helping me drop over 40 pounds to do a bodybuilding show. I hit my goal to compete in the middleweight class at 175lbs. I could never of done this without their expertise. They were very supportive and understanding with all the emotional rollercoaster’s…

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Craigs Story: “I lost Over 20 Pounds and Can Play Tennis Again!”

Craig Before And After - Workout Anywhere

Craig’s Story: ” At age 52, I had moderate expectations regarding results of RundleFit’s Workout Anywhere. My goals centered on core strength and weight loss. Here are my thoughts at the end of the challenge: ~ The combination of my new meal plan and workouts overseen by Jessica Rundle far exceeded any previous experiences I…

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Val’s Before and After Success Story: “I lost over 20 pounds!”

Val Before and After - Workout Anywhere

“Being 20 pounds overweight and without any muscle tone whatsoever, I very reluctantly join RundleFit’s Workout Anywhere. However, after speaking to Jessica Rundle at the urging of my teenage daughter I didn’t need any more convincing. At 50 years old, I had told myself it was too late to exercise and that I was destined…

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Jeff’s Before and After Success Story

“In August of 2010, my doctor told me that my blood sugar was approaching Type 2 diabetes levels. I was overweight and had increasing lower back problems from a 30 year career of sitting (I’m a CPA). I started working out with Jessica twice a week, within the first three months I had shed 20…

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Kathy Lost Over 30 Pounds!

Kathy Before and After Workout Anywhere

“I have just finished 12 weeks of my initial fitness challenge, and feel fantastic. During this time I exercised 6 days a week and applied Workout Anywhere’s first two meal plans. This became easier as I continued even on the days I really didn’t want to. I am now getting in regular exercise and love…

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Workout Anywhere Gave Me More Confidence, and The Physique of My Dreams!

Kristie Before And After - Workout Anywhere

I have been a long-time advocate for exercise; however, have never sought out nutrition guidance nor committed to any type of meal plan designed to meet a specific fitness goal. Jessica wrote the meal plan I still follow today, and thus far has helped me achieve my 12 week fitness goal. I committed to training…

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Tim’s Story: I Lost 40 Pounds Thanks to Workout Anywhere!

Tim Before and After Workout Anywhere

“My name is Tim Lamanna and I trained with Justin for two months. Before we started we sat down and set goals for myself that I wanted to reach. I started at 225 pounds and by the time I finished with Justin I was down to 188 pounds. He also put me on a custom…

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Char’s Story: Working with RundleFit and Workout Anywhere has challenged me to be my best.

Char's Testimonial

“Working with RundleFit and Workout Anywhere has challenged me to be my best.  It was definitely something out of my comfort zone, but something I needed to do for my health. Creeping close to the 200 lb mark and nearing 50% body fat, my health was at an all time low. When I accepted the…

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I Lost Over 30 Pounds With Workout Anywhere!

Chris Before And After Testimonial

“Working with Justin and Workout Anywhere has been an incredible experience!  I’m insanely busy with being a medic,fireman, high school coach and athlete, so Workout Anywhere is the ultimate quick and effective workout solution.  I lost over 30 pounds with the easy to use Workout Anywhere system and competed in my first Men’s Physique show.…

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Workout Anywhere Helped Me Make Healthy a Lifestyle!

Megan before and after wordpress

“At the start of working with RundleFit and Workout Anywhere, I thought I would never make it as far as I did. I was excited to have a challenge that forced me to stay on track by working out regularly and eating well, but I wasn’t expecting my body to change as much as it…

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Jeff’s Before and After Story: I’ve lost weight and I can do the things I love!

“I have been working with RundleFit’s Workout Anywhere for awhile now and I’m beyond happy with the results. I used to lift weights and I do a lot of mountain biking so, I thought I was in pretty good shape. After committing to the Jump Start challenge, I realized I haven’t been working hard enough.…

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Melissa’s Before And After Story: Thank you Jessica for changing my life

Melissa Before and After - Workout Anywhere

“Since starting with Jessica and RundleFit, I have had such amazing results in a short period of time. At first, I was a skeptic on how eating more nutritious foods like proteins, complex carbs, fruits and veggies could enhance your workouts and help you to become leaner and stronger.  However, after weeks of working out…

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