15 Second Workout Videos

15 Second Workout Videos | Workout Anywhere

Can you make time for a 15 Second Workout Video? If you can’t, then there’s probably something wrong. All jokes a side, our 15 second workout videos are the fastest way to learn a new, fat burning workout for home or anywhere! Watch the home workout video below to get started! In the Workout Anywhere home…

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The 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout For Fun Family Fitness

Family Fitness - The Best Upper Body Exercise For Dad

The long hours of work and commuting can take its toal on one’s health and fitness.  However, bodyweight workouts provide a quick and effective training solution for anyone, anywhere. Regardless of fitness level or age, Workout Anywhere coaches Jessica and Justin Rundle know how to scale workouts accordingly. Whether fitness is “me” time, or an…

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The Best Home Workouts Without Equipment

Bodyweight Workouts - Workout Anywhere

What are the best home workouts without equipment? Read on to learn more. Why try the best home workouts without equipment?  There is a common misconception in the fitness world, where the belief of obtaining the ultimate fitness level, weight loss and lean muscle growth are only possible at a nearby gym.  As a long…

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