Body Weight Only Fat Burning Workout

Body Weight Trainer Week 4 Infographic

Fat Burning Workout Step 1: Warm-Up Step 2: Workout Beginner: 2-3 Rounds/Intermediate: 4-5 Rounds / Advanced: 6-7 Rounds 1. Inch Worm Push-Ups (12x) 2. Gate Swings (12x) 3. Plank with Side Toe Taps (12x) 4. Plate Pull Ins/Push-Outs (12x) 5. Boxer Shuffle (50x) Don’t forget to post your workout score below in the comments. Step…

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Workout Anywhere Animal AMRAP

Week 10 Workout Infographic

Workout Anywhere with this fun Animal AMRAP 1. Warm-UP 2. The Animal AMRAP Workout Intermediate = 12 Minutes  Advanced = 16 Minutes 1) Bear Crawls Forward and Backward 2) Frog Hops   3) Crab Walk  4) Butterfly Sit-Ups  5) Inchworm Push-Ups  6) Bird Feeder, beginners can hold on to something stationary and sturdy Don’t forget to…

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Body Weight Total Body Meltdown

Body Weight Trainer Week 3 Infographic

Total Body Workout 1. *Always warm-up before starting any workout 2. Workout Intermediate: 15 Minute AMRAP / Advanced: 20 Minute AMRAP Alternating Lunges or Squats (I: 15x, A: 20x) Side to Side Push-Ups (I: 15x, A: 20x)  Hip Pulse (I: 15x, A: 20x)  Burpees (I: 15x, A: 20x)   Boxer Shuffle (I: 15x, A: 20x)  Don’t forget to post your score…

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The 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout For Fun Family Fitness

Family Fitness - The Best Upper Body Exercise For Dad

The long hours of work and commuting can take its toal on one’s health and fitness.  However, bodyweight workouts provide a quick and effective training solution for anyone, anywhere. Regardless of fitness level or age, Workout Anywhere coaches Jessica and Justin Rundle know how to scale workouts accordingly. Whether fitness is “me” time, or an…

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