Preacher Curl on Exercise Ball or Back of Bench

Preacher Curl on Exercise Ball

The Preacher Curl is one of the most efficient and effective exercises for training the “gun show” to grow! Learn and innovative technique to maximize this concept in the video below. Workout Details: Grab your favorite exercise ball and dumbbell, and kneel behind it (on both knees) Hug the ball, and position one arm and…

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Fit Dad Bodyweight Bicep Curl Exercise

Justin Rundle's Back and Bicep workout

Bicep curls may be the most popular exercise in the world! Maybe that’s exaggerated, but can you think of any better way to train before the sun’s out? Best of all, if you’re a busy fit dad, our bodyweight bicep curl is the ultimate quick and effective bicep exercise, and it WORKS! Follow the video…

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