Over the past decade, Coach Jessica Rundle and I have worked with countless people trying to make healthy a lifestyle in spite of a busy schedule.  Most of our clients have families, busy work and hectic traveling schedules.  Trying to make progress with these demands can be difficult, especially when it takes consistency to produce positive changes.

These are some of the primary demands that not only inspired Workout Anywhere, but have made out training program excel above all others in the ability to provide consistently effective quick workouts with only the demands of one’s body and minimal equipment (no weights).

You might be wondering why busy Americans like yourself are choosing Workout Anywhere above all other streaming fit video programs? The answer is, Workout Anywhere is simply the best for streaming fit videos, anytime, anywhere, for all ability levels. With almost no learning curve and barriers to entry (like weights, equipment, finances or time), one can access real coaching from a hotel room, park, living room or literally anywhere.

Why Your Hotel Workout Needs to Stream Fit Videos With Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere is a subscription-based website with streaming workouts online anytime anywhere on tablet and mobile device as well as desktop. Members have a plethora of both bodyweight and minimal equipment workouts (hundreds) that range in formats from Four Minute Total Cores, 8 Minute Meltdowns, and 15, 20 and 25 minute total body workouts. All of which have been proven to fulfill the training demands of both men and women. Even your coaches Justin and Jessica use Workout Anywhere on a daily basis (learn more about Team RundleFit).

Free and Paid Streaming Fit Videos

With both free and paid training options, travelers and home users have the opportunity to work with the founding anywhere workout system.  There are a number of websites and online training services starting to claim they’re the best for home and traveling workouts, but none have trained this audience for ten years or have even been online as long as Workout Anywhere.  One can literally work for 12 weeks with the founders of Workout Anywhere (and ask unlimited questions) for the same price as one personal training session at your local gym.

Why EQUIPMENT-FREE and Minimal EQUIPMENT Workouts?

Coach Jessica and Coach Justin Rundle started developing workouts with either a combination of bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment, or workouts with the separation of the two almost a decade ago.  These workouts use your own bodyweight and do not require any training tools beyond an always accessible wall, chair, towel, or step (equipment routines recommend resistance bands, suspension trainer (towel works too), however workouts can still be completed without these devices). Don’t worry, you’ll still sweat and actually workouts are more effective than most gym, machine or weight training routines.

There are an unlimited number of streaming workout combinations and exercises that still provide better caloric burns, total body strength gains as opposed to programs meant for a gym or unnecessary equipment.

No one plans to travel with a dumbell or kettlebells. Even taking a chance on whether or not your hotel fitness room has these training tools is unlikely. So why commit to a program that has such a fluctuation in training protocol.  With Workout Anywhere, one can either freestyle, or stick to a structured 12 week training module.  All workouts are suitable for home, work, a hotel room and even outdoors. Plus, there are appropriate training journeys for true beginners and intermediate/advanced fitness levels.

Both True Beginners and Advanced Levels Can Stream Workouts Anywhere

True Beginners

Every workout is a natural progression from where one tests in the beginning of our program. If one hasn’t worked out in a while (or ever), we have the perfect foundation building training protocol to get RundleFit fast.  One will develop the necessary aerobic capacity, range of motion, core and total body strength with fundamental bodyweight movements like squats, push-ups, and planks and justin moving more. Then, one will build off of these movements and ultimately progress to the next fitness level.

Busy moms, busy professionals and travelers also have graduated meal planning and recipe options to progress from the nutrition basics to full fledged lifestyle nutrition plans. Meal plans are in both home and on-the-go formats.

Intermediate and Advanced Fitness Levels

In just 8, 15, 20, or 25 minutes, one can go through an intermediate or advanced fitness track of 4-8 total body exercises to burn body fat and build lean muscle with no time wasted.  One can simply login on a mobile phone, tablet, tv or computer and access the daily training schedule or Freestyle Board.  With both a video and poster tutorial, one learns the fat incinerating workout fast and can literally complete the same quality workout from the hotel room, as if they were home. Plus, earns points, badges and awards for making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle unhindered by travel.  This training concept has been so effective, checkout how our results match up to other popular training programs!

Why YOU need to Stream Fitness Videos With Workout Anywhere

In short, you pay for what you get, and what you get with Workout Anywhere is the most value, best streaming fitness videos and coaching online or anywhere.  Beyond insanely efficient and effective workouts and nutrition plans is the overwhelmingly positive support system unique to Workout Anywhere.

Through alerts, email, coaching sessions and the on site member community, one is never more than a message away from Coach Jessica and Coach Justin Rundle.  Most programs will not offer this, and getting in touch with the actual trainer is impossible.  Team RundleFit is here for your needs!

To get started on the new, healthier you, check out the learn more link below:

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Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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