Think Training Like an Olympian Is Strictly For The Pros? Think Again!

If you think that the 2014 Winter Olympians are privy to a unique and secretive training method, think again.  Most of the foundational moves for the top Olympic athletes can be done from home or anywhere (with bodyweight and minimal to no equipment).  Home and travel fitness experts Justin and Jessica Rundle weigh-in to provide the ultimate Sochi Home Workout to help anyone, anywhere train like an Olympian from the comfort of their own home.

Sochi Home Workout by Workout Anywhere

Step One: Warm-Up

Always begin any workout with a through warm-up. If the pros do it, you should do it too. Warmed up muscles are more resistant to injury, perform better, are more dynamic in regards to range of motion and mobility and just function better. We offer a unique and special dynamic warm-up as part of our membership, but for now, move around until you’re at a sweat.

Step Two: Work Out

Now that you’re thoroughly warmed-up, head into the Sochi Home Workout.  Follow the circuit as pictured in the diagram and go through three times for beginners, four for intermediate and five rounds for the advanced.  All levels should do their varied exercise 15 times, and each level should keep a steady pace.  Advanced level should try to complete the workout as fast as humanly possible (as long as you maintain good form).

  1. Squats- Beginners stick to chair squats, intermediate do the pictured body weight squat and advanced should turn this into a jump squat.  For all variations, remember to keep the core tight, squat back on your heels (stay off your toes unless doing jump squats) and breathe out as you stand back up.
  2. Seated Back Rows- Grab your resistance band, and (pick the appropriate intensity level) and proceed to pull back, brining elbows along side the body and squeezing shoulder blades together.  Breathe out with this movement and slowly release the band.  Stay in a good, erect posture and keep the core tight and engaged.
  3. Overhead Medicine Ball Sit-Ups- Beginners should stick to crunches, and intermediate and advanced levels can give this a go.  Keep the ball elevated and arms locked out (trying to keep elbows by the ears).  Then tighten the core and sit all the way up.  Then slowly lower yourself back down.
  4. Alternating Lunge- For beginners, long beach towel or ideally the suspension trainer in the picture.  Intermediate and advanced can use their own body weight and advanced can do hopping, alternate lunges.  Try to keep the weight of the front leg in the heel and torso upright.
  5. Push-Ups- We all know push-ups by now.  Beginners can stick to knee push-ups and for all levels, stay in the neutral spine position.  Basically, don’t sag or raise the hips.
  6. Core Planks- To finish each round off, keep the core tight and plank.  Beginners should go for 30 seconds, while advanced should go up to a minute.  Try to control your breathing during this time.  Again, stay in a neutral spine position.
  7. Repeat until all rounds are complete and please comment below on how you did.

Step 3: Stretch & Foam Roll

Now that you’ve completed the workout finish with a solid stretch and foam roll session.  This is a great time to work on flexibility and stretching/foam rolling will help provide a more optimal recovery experience.

Now that you know the foundational moves for the winter Olympians, maybe you should take it a step further than the Sochi Home Workout and prepare for the next winter games?  Worth a shot.  Anyways, for workouts like this, but in high quality video form, all-level meal plans, challenges, recipes, and coaching for an unbeatable price, try our FREE 30 day trial, or join our 12 Week Challenge (with a big cash prize).

Great job RundleFitters!


Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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