RundleFit’s Six Week Slimmer by Summer Challenge is back! Challengers can either train with the team (at RundleFit’s all-level boot camp class), or #WorkoutAnywhere at home, their gym or anywhere thanks to the mobile app.? Best of all, this year’s pre-Summer challenge is well-rounded and focused on reinforcing better fitness, nutrition and overall health habits. Not just weight loss!

Check out the video and the challenge points below to learn more about the ultimate challenge for your Summer fitness goals.

When & Where?

RundleFit’s Slimmer by Summer Challenge starts 4/9/18 and ends 5/21/18. Weigh-ins will be the first day of the challenge at RundleFit’s Boot Camp?(click the link for more boot camp details), Mt. Spokane High School in North Spokane (Mead, Spokane).

Alternatively, one can participate in the challenge through our training app Workout Anywhere and challenge app or via our downloadable training guide . Daily lessons are primarily bodyweight, and will not demand more equipment than programs like p90x.

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What are the Slimmer by Summer Tasks?

1) Food Journal (Daily): Log your dishes with the photo journal and stay strict to the rules provided in this guideline. The scoring will be out of a 5 point varying scale:

  • 0 Violations: 5pts
  • 1-2 Violations: 3pts
  • 3+ Violations: 0pts

2) Activity (Daily): Be active for at least 30 minutes (Daily): Dedicate time in your schedule to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It matters what type of exercise (follow our daily training lessons in the app or at boot camp for approved workouts), and scoring will be out of a 5 point varying scale. If you’re feeling like earning extra gold stars, go for 30+ minutes for an extra 2 points (you have to earn the beers somewhere).

  • 30+ Minutes of Activity: 5pts
  • 15-30 Minutes of Activity: 3pts
  • <15 Minutes of Activity: 0pts

3. Measurements (Weekly): You can’t improve what you don’t track. That’s why a key part of our challenge is keeping on your body metrics. Each Sunday, commit to measuring your body weight to track the changes in your body while improving your health and fitness for 5 points.

4.?Lifestyle (Daily):?Each week we will take on a different lifestyle task to create and?reinforce good habits and reduce our stress with work and life. This will be a pass or fail task worth 5 points.?The following are the weekly tasks:

  • Week 1: Get 6-8 hours of sleep daily and start drinking more water
  • Week 2: On a daily basis, find a small moment to think positively (and say thank you (in your mind)) for everything, and everyone positive in your life
  • Week 3: Stretch 15 minutes daily, and watch some of our preferred documentaries
  • Week 4: Repeat the daily tasks above, everyday

Challenge includes tutorials on all parts of the challenge (in app), and a starter meal plan, and fitness program.

How Much is the Summer Challenge?

Challenge prices vary and can be found with the button below. There are challenge passes for new members, and current members. As well as an offering for live group training, or daily lesson access from home or anywhere!

Additionally, for best results, one should use our highly effective and proven training methods, along with Coach Jessica’s Custom Meal Plan. Jessica is one of the best nutrition coaches in Spokane, Washington and has been designing custom meal plans for over a decade. Beyond education, she has helped hundreds with their nutrition goals, and has been the product of her own highly effective nutrition program.

All challenge details will be sent shortly after registering. Please use your best email (be sure to check the junk folder) and allow 24-48 hours to receive challenge materials.

Why Our Challenge is Best for YOU!

If you’re tired of guessing, and serious about getting results, the Slimmer by Summer Challenge is for YOU! There’s only three variables standing in your way from the results you desire, by Summer.

  1. Trusting our PROVEN process and following the program (daily training lessons + our Nutrition Basic’s Guide or Jessica’s Custom Meal Plan for best results)
  2. Being ALL IN! Excuses are the biggest obstacles for those set on living a healthier lifestyle, however, if you’re not?ALL?IN, then you’ll only get what you put in. No program will work with only partial effort. Be all in, and you’ll reap the benefits of our highly effective training program.
  3. Communication is key! We’re here for your success and are more than happy to answer questions. If you have some now, please provide them below in the comments field, but don’t hold back once in the challenge and in our PRIVATE COACHING COMMUNITY. 🙂

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Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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