Revealing your inner six pack ab takes more than endless amounts of crunches or sit-ups. ?Learn the key ingredient you may not be using to unleash the abs of your dreams!

Six Pack Ab Secrets Revealed!

One of The Most Common Questions As A Personal Trainer Is?….

On a daily or weekly basis, I?m asked the question, ?How do I get my abdomen to show, or how do I get a six-pack abs???In truth, most people already have a six-pack, especially active people.? It?s just hidden under body fat.

Your core, primarily consisting of the abdomen, mid thoracic back, lower back and hips, are the most commonly used muscle groups on a daily basis.? The real reason for lack of muscle definition is the build-up of body fat.

Most men store body fat on their abdomen, hips/love handles and lumbar area, while women generally have fat stores in the same areas, as well as thighs and upper body.

The positive outlook to this is, with the right training and nutrition guidance, one can train to use body fat from these stores and turn it into a fuel source. ?Ultimately, this will reveal the inner Men?s Health/ Women’s Health like six pack abs.

Even Trainers Struggle With Fat Loss

At Workout Anywhere, we are not only working with these issues daily, but can personally relate to the struggle of weight loss and exposing our inner six-pack. ??I was personally a big, strong, heavy football player.? In high school and college, my goal was to be as big and fast as possible.? The easiest way for me to gain weight was to eat and eat plentifully. ?As a defensive end, I weighed upwards of 265lbs and occasionally 270. In contrast to having such a big frame, my core was still very strong, but lacked definition. ?My journey to shed the pounds and correct my poor eating habits was a long one, but well worth the transition towards a healthy lifestyle.

When The Weight Loss Journey Really Began:

After college, Jessica and I started doing very core specific, total body training routines to maximize my short workout windows in our training schedule. ?Ironically, over the past decade this training style has been proven to be the most effective fat burning and lean muscle promoting methods.

We experimented with a number of fad diets and nutrition programs, but the first lifestyle diet that made real sense was clean eating. ?Eating whole, fresh and organic foods, five to six times a day and every two to three hours seemed overwhelming at first, but quickly changed into much more than a diet; it became a lifestyle choice that we ultimately learned to love.

The launch pad for this system was Tosca Reno?s Eat-Clean Diet book.? This book not only helped transform my views about modern nutrition but also helped me transform my metabolism.

Do What Works, and Repeat

Changing my eating habits was not an instantaneous process. ?As I struggled with constant food cravings from (years of eating in excess), we ultimately prevailed and my wife and I enjoyed are new-found health, lean physiques and six-pack abs that miraculously came from living a healthier lifestyle.

Most people still only eat three meals a day with some grazing here and there.? This method is the perfect diet?for storing body fat. ?After all, it is only natural for the human body to store body fat.? It is an ancient survival mechanism in case of uncertainty about when or where our next meal might be.? However, eating in a manner that promotes this makes it difficult to outwork.

On the other hand, eating regularly and on schedule, every two to three hours with a certain ratio or balance of protein, carbs, fats and a plethora of veggies will help your metabolism grow into a fat burning furnace.

In addition, this helps avoid muscle catabolism during exercise, or as some trainers call it, muscle cannibalism, and will set the body on a primary objective towards burning body fat.

After all of this, here is what you really want. ?Follow these simple core training tips to help strengthen and tone your six pack abs.

Try Our Four Minute Total Core Training Video or Continue Reading to the Listed Exercises:

The following selected exercises are good beginner to intermediate total core training exercises with some more advanced variations.? Starting with these exercises and doing them correctly, slowly and controlled, will allow one to build up a good base of core strength and muscle for more advanced exercises to come.? A key point with all core exercises or lifting exercise is to breathe out with exertion or the part of the exercise that requires the most effort.? Keep your core tight by squeezing in those abdominals and take your time to develop good, controllable form.? Don?t force the exercise.? Abdominal exercises are best achieved with quality repetitions, not quantity.

Reverse Crunch (to target lower abs)

  • Keep legs bent, point toes upward, keep arms shoulders and neck rested on the floor or incline board for advanced version.
  • Pull knees towards chest and try to roll hips up.? Movement should still only be slight but, enough to feel your abdomen contract.? Breathe out when contracting abs.

Russian Twist w/or without medicine ball

  • Start in seated position with legs bent but feet on the floor. Lean back to a 45-degree angle.
  • Squeeze in your core keeping it tight, elbows in and forearms underneath ball or med ball for more advanced version.
  • Twist slowly, side to side.? Try long controlled breaths every time you twist, but keep that core tight!
  • To advance both versions, keep same position but elevate feet.

Plank (abs and back)

  • Lying face down push up off floor into a bridge position, keep back flat during exercise.
  • Hold core in and tight and take long controlled breaths.? Hold as long as you can, but if you start to feel it more in your back than abs after a certain point, relax.
  • Advanced version can be done on Exercise/Physio Ball, but be careful and take your time.

Reverse Snow Angel (Back)

  • This exercise is performed just as it sounds.
  • Take your typical wintertime snow angel; flip it over onto your stomach.
  • Lift up arms and legs straight forward like you are doing the superman exercise, bowing your lower back, and bringing arms and legs down simultaneously.? Breathe out through this movement.

Check out some more ab routines and our own Four Minute Total Core routines.

Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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