RundleFit/Workout Anywhere Review: No Gym = No Problem

RundkleFit’s Workout Anywhere is the ultimate home workout program and travel workout routine for people of all skill levels, incorporating high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) or metabolic conditioning, cardio, total body workouts, fitness coaching, personal training, core training, strength training, yoga, pilates, flexibility training, nutrition tips, counseling, and more.

Anyone can do our specially designed workouts anywhere, anytime — and, with new routines coming your way weekly, you’ll never get bored. From rigorous sports training to diet and exercise plans designed to help you lose weight, Justin and Jessica are certified personal trainers and can help you meet your goals, and at any pace you choose. Whether you’re brand-new to fitness or an experienced athlete, we’ll keep you inspired, motivated, and moving ahead toward a brand new you.

Highly affordable

Costing just $9.95 a month, RundleFit’s Workout Anywhere is the most affordable portable workout program around. We can charge this fee in part because our overhead is low: there’s no gym for us to staff and maintain. Your body is all the gym you need to get into the best shape of your life.

With a few inexpensive, easily transportable pieces of equipment costing $60 to $80 total — elastic bands, a suspension weight/body weight training strap, a medicine ball — you’ll have a complete workout regimen that you can take with you wherever you go:  home, work, or school, on business trips or vacations — literally anywhere.

At RundleFit, we know first-hand that you don’t need fancy equipment to get in fantastic shape. Not too long ago, we found ourselves overweight and out of shape, and made a pact to kick our bad habits and live a healthy lifestyle. We did it, but it wasn’t always easy. We suffered setbacks; we backslid. Ultimately, we learned from our struggles. We know what works and what doesn’t, and are happy to pass on that knowledge to our customers.

Our team:

Justin Rundle


A former defensive end for the Whitworth Pirates football team and current strength and conditioning coach at Mt. Spokane High School, Justin knows about training for competitive sports. His specialties include fitness, weight loss, mass building, flexibility, sports performance training, and motivation. He can help any client reach his or her goals — he helped his wife and RundleFit partner Jessica achieve her amazing body transformation in 2012!

Justin’s extensive resume also includes national certification in personal training and nutrition, a Taekwando first black belt, participation in Men’s Physique national competitions, and former employment as a physical therapy aide


Jessica Marie Rundle


A nationally certified personal trainer and fitness model, Jessica will help you lose weight. Jessica boasts expertise in weight loss, fat loss, nutrition and meal planning, and weight maintenance. Her other specialties include toning, muscle mass building, flexibility, and sports performance training.

Jessica inspired and directed a highly successful body transformation program in 2012, sponsored by Dymatize Nutrition, one of the leading nutrition supplement lines. In just 12 weeks, 18 of 20 participants had completely transformed their bodies into lean, toned, healthy machines. She can do the same for you! 

We Can Do It — Together!

Improving the lifestyles, and lives, of others is our passion. We stay on top of the trends in fitness and nutrition, and are constantly sharing the latest findings and fine-tuning our workouts for our customers.

Whether you’re traveling, outdoors, on a lunch break or at home, weight loss has never been more efficient until now!  Workout Anywhere’s fat burning home workouts are efficient, effective, transportable and affordable.  Feel the RundleFit difference and START TODAY!….