What is this Thrive Market everyone is talking about?

Thrive market is an online store that offers some of the best organic and natural products at wholesale prices. It comes with a wide variety of products that one can choose from. Some of their products include: beauty products, food, health supplements and home care products among many others.

It is probably the first “socially conscious” online store of its kind due to its unique mission, which is to enable every American family to have easy access to healthy living at affordable prices. To achieve this mission, the company gives one low-income family a full membership for every one that is purchased.

The company has over 2500 quality products to choose from, which include over 400 of the best natural and organic brands available in the market. Thrive has partnered with some of the most popular natural and organic brands in the market including: Annie’s, Arrowhead Mills, Bob’s Red Mill, Dr. Bonner’s, Enjoy Life, Nutiva, Simply Organic, Real Salt, Newman’s Organics, Spectrum etc. The list is quite long and intimidating when it comes to health matters. In addition, all products are delivered to your doorstep in about five days at 25-50% off retail prices.

How to join the Thrive Market

Like most of the other online stores, Thrive Market’s entry procedure is not different or difficult.

  • • Sign up for a free account – Once you register you can browse their catalogue for your favourite products
  • • Make your first order – Save up to 15% on your first purchase
  • • Enjoy free trial membership – Once you make your first order, a free 30-day trial membership begins
  • • Purchase a full membership after free trial period ends – At the end of your free trial, you purchase an annual membership of $59.95.
Official Thrive Review

Price comparisons

Here is a comparison of some of their prices compared to their competitors (Amazon and Vitacost). Official Thrive Review - Workout Anywhere

Everyone Lotion Citrus Mint (32oz):

-Amazon – $14.89

-Thrive – $6.95

-Vitacost - $8.49

Annie’s Ketchup:

-Amazon – $11.95

-Thrive – $2.95

-Vitacost - $3.39

Bob’s Red Mill Arrowroot:

-Amazon – $6.39

-Thrive – $3.95

-Vitacost – $4.99

Vital Proteins Protein:

-Amazon – $41.00

-Thrive – $26.45

Bragg Organic Apple Cider (16 oz):

-Amazon – $8.88

-Thrive – $2.55

Bionature Organic Tomato Paste:

-Amazon – $4.11

-Thrive – $2.15

-Vitacost – $2.79

The above is just an example of Thrive’s Market high-quality levels and competitive prices. While Thrive may not win every single price check, it is guaranteed that they will have better prices for most of the natural and organic products available as compared to Amazon, Vitacost, Whole Foods, Costco, etc.


Apart from the fact that they offer good value for money ($4.99/month), Thrive is quite convenient. The most obvious convenience is product delivery to your doorstep. At average discounts of up to 35% (depends on the product), one can recover their annual membership fee with purchases of $110.

Product range

If you browse their online catalog, you will find hundreds of leading organic and natural product brands in all categories. When it comes to health foods, you will find that most dietary preferences and values are included, some of which include gluten free, vegan, certified organic, non-GMO, etc.

Overall experience

Based on the above details, it is easy to see why many people are talking about Thrive. Whatever needs you may have, Thrive will surely meet them.Unlike other online stores that have a lot of red-tape when it comes to registration, with Thrive Market all you need to do is sign up and the rest will be easy.

Final Thought

There's definitely products on the Thrive Market that are more affordable than your most well-known organic grocery stores. However, the convenience of Thrive is a huge plus and can literally be a difference maker in staying on track with your clean eating habits, or being TOO busy to do so.

If you're ready to make your first Thrive Market order, follow this link to get started.

>>> Check Out Thrive Marketplace <<<

Coach Justin
Coach Justin

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