Protein Puck is emerging as one of the nation’s highest quality energy bars and healthy on-the-go snack options. With humble beginnings in Spokane, Washington, Protein Puck is starting to be distributed throughout the United States thanks to Amazon and major grocery retailers.

Discover the Protein Puck difference and how anyone, can make convenience food healthy thanks to Protein Puck!

The Protein Puck Story

After a meeting with the cofounder and creator of Protein Puck, David Tawney, any potential doubts and hesitations I generally have about “healthy” snack bars was annihilated.

More often seen with big supplement manufacturers, brands claiming to provide health conscious bars and shakes tend to get busted by Consumer Reports and independent lab testing. Even mainstream snack/energy bars claiming to be completely organic and natural sometimes have hidden ingredients that are considered toxic.

Protein Puck was created with a different approach than most snack bars. In fact, the Protein Puck was originally designed as a superior, all-natural post workout and snack option for David’s brother Dwayne. Not only did they satisfy the demand of Dwayne’s sports nutrition needs, soon the rest of the family and friends of the Tawneys caught on to their marvelous creation and loved it!

Eventually, Protein Puck was being created in the kitchen of the Tawney’s Caffe Capri for other coffee shops and coffee stands. The popularity didn’t stop there.

Now most of Spokane and the Northwest know Protein Puck as a household name and other cities and states are catching on thanks to Amazon and national grocery distributors.

Superior Ingredients

David shared that due to a commitment to the highest quality ingredients, manufacturing Protein Pucks has not been cheap. Every ingredient is suitable for a Vegan lifestyle, plus gluten free and Certified Non-GMO.

In addition, the most recent flavor fit’s the classification of both Vegan and Paleo lifestyles. Below are Protein Puck’s main ingredients from the three flavors: Sun Butter Coconut Almond, Almond Butter Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Almond Cranberry.

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Protein Puck Nutrition Facts

The main protein puck ingredients are: Agave, Gluten Free Oats, Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Coconut and Sugar.

The pucks then have their specific ingredient for the flavor, or minus a couple ingredients for the Paleo friendly puck.

Although Protein Puck is committed to only using the highest quality ingredients, the brand has received some backlash from certain nutrition sites and rival brands due to fat content.  

Clearing Up The Confusion on Fat

The majority of fats from Protein Puck are unsaturated which are considered the "healthy fats." With low saturated and non-existent trans fat (by far the worst fat source), Protein Puck is a healthy source of fats.

In the right portions (as recommended by serving size), good fats are great for hormone regulation, managing insulin, and can be linked to fighting diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

However, when foods contain fat, generally calories are higher. Most mainstream "healthy" snack bars keep their caloric intake between 100-200 calories for dieters.

To achieve a low number of calories, most companies use a long list of artificial ingredients and preservatives that are proving to be terrible for the average person's health.

According to WebMd and the CDC, some popular ingredients found in a number of main-stream "health" snack bars could be linked to cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If one is strictly concerned about calories in versus calories out (which have been the Protein Puck skeptics), then it is higher in calories, but completely suitable for men and women as a snack meal.

As a simple rule of thumb for health minded brands and to make nutrition less complicated, look at the nutrition label and give it a quick evaluation. The less ingredients and the more familiar/ pronounceable the ingredients are, the more likely that product is going to be good for you (barring high quantities of sugar).

If there’s a long list of ingredients that sound like chemicals and look foreign, then odds are that product is not worth your time, health and dollar. Although testing is inconclusive and there are constant reports going either way, eating natural ingredients just makes sense over ingesting ingredients concocted from chemicals in a lab.

Final Thought

For our own commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and as a source of healthy convenience, we are officially adding Protein Puck into our life and encouraging our Workout Anywhere members and following to do the same.

It's not very often that a brand provides the upmost quality in an affordable snack. It's even more rare to find one from your neck of the woods.

For the best deal on Protein Pucks and to see how we eat clean and lean, while on-the-go, get our free nutrition guidance series.

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