For the past decade, Coach Justin and Jessica Rundle have been coaching and shaping the youth of North Spokane’s Mead and Colbert region by providing the highest quality and most affordable youth sports performance training in Spokane.

If you’re looking for the ultimate sports performance training program for your student-athlete, there’s several key questions that should come to mind:

  • How much experience does this coach (or program) have?
  • What’s the programs track record?
  • Does your personal trainer follow a system; or, are they an industry leading fitness expert?
  • Does your coach personally practice what they preach (shockingly, this is the easiest credibility measure for young athletes)?

Questions like this have some simple answers, better explained below. So, read on to discover why your Mt. Spokane Wildcat or Mountainside Mountain Lion needs to join the area’s most affordable, elite and only Mt.Spokane High School endorsed (all sports) sport specific training program.

Experience From Master-Level Trainers: Who are Coach Jessica & Justin Rundle?

Coach Jessica and Justin Rundle - Mt. Spokane High Performance Training Coaches

Experience in the training world is a virtue. Without it, most trainers don’t know how to properly apply appropriate techniques, exercise variations (based on ability level and goal) and programming towards youth athletes. In addition, experience simply equals better results with individuals, small groups and large groups.

GOOD, experienced trainers, are constantly innovating their training style, and never staying comfortable with what worked in the past or what was simply read in their textbook. Exercises, programming, technique and just about every aspect of fitness can always be improved upon.

Sure, education and certifications are a good start, but ultimately to be a true fitness expert, one must build off of education foundation and apply their own fitness formula at some point. The only way to get to this point is Experience.

Coach Justin Rundle’s Background

Justin Rundle has an extensive training career (close to ten years) training a plethora of fitness goals and athletes. This has amassed to training collegiate, high school and youth athletes, as well as military personnel, servicemen and general fitness goals (over 3,000 clients/members) so far.

Coach Justin believes in developing the appropriate fitness program around the athlete, team or person’s goals and fitness level. This tried, tested and proven formula has constantly been innovated and is one reason why the Mt. Spokane High School Wildcats are becoming a dominant force in all sports.

Personally, Justin was a First Team, All-Conference defensive end for the Whitworth University Pirates. His playing experience and notable fitness testing marks (4.65 40 time at 265 pounds, plus 405 bench, 385 power clean and 585 squat) helped him receive attention and an invite to the Spokane Shock and EWU Pro Day at the end of his collegiate career. More recently, Justin has competed at the CrossFit Games Regional qualifier and other local fitness challenges.

“Through positive motivation & Workout Anywhere’s smart training concepts, any goal is obtainable! Let Justin help you find your Beast Mode!”

Coach Justin Rundle (C.P.T, Whitworth U Graduate & Mt. Spokane High School Graduate) Cofounder of Workout Anywhere & Mt. Spokane Strength and Conditioning Coach


Coach Jessica Rundle’s Background

Coach Jessica has trained clients of all ages and abilities since 2008. She was a track athlete, basketball player and more recently a CrossFit Games Regional Competitor (2014) and national level figure (bodybuilding) athlete. She even inspired and directed a highly successful body transformation program for one of the nation’s leading nutrition lines in 2012 and landed a fitness magazine cover with Glam Today Magazine!

On top of her personal accolades, Jessica has successfully trained a plethora of athletes (from high school to collegiate athletes), general fitness goals and your wonderful Mt. Spokane Wildcats.

She’s coached track at Mt.Spokane High School in the past and has consistently worked with the school’s teams in strength and conditioning and sports performance training since 2008.

Most recently, Jessica has become a mother to William Montana Rundle!

Coach Jessica Rundle (C.P.T, Certified Nutritionist E.W.U Graduate, and Mt. Spokane High School Graduate) Cofounder of Workout Anywhere & Mt. Spokane High School Sports Performance Trainer / Coach

Results! A Proven Track Record

It seems so long ago, since we first started training your Mt. Spokane High School Wildcats and Mountainside Mountain Lions!

It was nearly nine years ago when I (Justin Rundle) was asked to assist Mt. Spokane in their summer strength and conditioning camp. At the time, the camp was perceived to be for football only. However, the following year, I was asked to run the program and all sports were welcomed into what is now Spokane’s best sports performance training program!

There was definitely some struggles initially with certain athletes buying in. However, most of the team did and the results were phenomenal. The team had a record setting season and was unanimously improved in strength, speed, agility, power, core strength, and well-conditioned. Plus, injuries went down dramatically from that year in comparison to the year prior.

Thanks to consistent successful seasons, we now train all Mt. Spokane High School team sports!

Since our initial start, we’ve been the longest running training program for all Mt. Spokane High School athletic teams. This includes football, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis and track. We’ve even had core groups of Mt. Spokane High School, Mountainside Middle School and youth sports, in our team sports performance training programs.

Each sports program focuses on the essential foundational and functional training needs of the student athlete and their specific sport. You can read more about some of the core sport performance training principles by sport here:

  • Our Dynamic Warm-Up – A Proven Injury Prevention Plan
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Football
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Baseball
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Softball
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Volleyball
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Basketball
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Tennis
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Soccer
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Track & Field
  • Mt. Spokane High School Performance Training – Wrestling

If you’re ready to join Mead and Mt. Spokane’s premier sports performance training program, here’s the next step…

To get further detail on the Mead School District’s endorsed sport performance training program, just click on the link below. We’ll send you a program update & calendar for the next available training session. In addition, let us know if you’re interested in joining our adult fitness camp. This is the ultimate way for busy parents to experience an all-level friendly, total body workout designed to burn fat and build lean muscle. Plus, we’ll help you with the biggest component to any fitness goal. Nutrition.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment fields below. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and family.

-Team RundleFit

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Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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