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New 2019 Winter Training Details Are Here!

Fall Wildcat and RundleFit Training 2019
Winter RundleFit RegistrationMust register and pay before the start date.

More camp details below ↓

Upcoming RundleFit Camps for Mead & Colbert, Washington Athletes (Both Registration and Payments Must be Made Prior to Starting Camp)

Additionally, We Have Ongoing Training Options. >>> Contact Us Here For More Details <<<

Class will meet in the Mt. Spokane High School Weight Room.



Below is a quick run down of athlete expectations and daily needs for class:

  • All athletes must register and pay before starting camp
  • Have breakfast at least 1.5 or more hours before camp
  • Bring a water bottle and cleats if you play an outdoor sport
  • Bring a GREAT attitude and work ethic
  • Be positive, and encourage others
  • Have fun!
  • Eat a meal, or have a recovery shake and fruit post-workout

That’s it! Doing those simple things, and showing up regularly = results! As it has for the last decade of Wildcat athletes! 🙂

Official Sports Performance Training Program / Strength & Conditioning Coaches For Mt. Spokane High School & Mountainside Middle School Team Sports (Since 2007)

Why total athlete training is superior to sport specific training...

Although the training trend is to make sports performance, "sport specific," most youth to high school aged athletes need to improve their athleticism (speed, strength, power, flexibility, core strength and balance). If there's an inadequacy in these areas, sport specific training results are minimal at best. Just like a house on a faulty foundation.

No need to worry, we've made this blend easy and our exclusive training formula has helped a number of youth, high school, collegiate and even a few professional athletes. Check it out ↓

Over the past decade, we’ve been blessed to work with great kids and parents. What initially started as a program developed from our education and personal experiences (with collegiate sports performance training and a short-run of professional football tryouts (EWU’s 2009 Pro Day and the Spokane Shock)), has evolved into our own, tried, tested and proven training formula.

We’ve had amazing mentors and influences, but ultimately, RundleFit is a well-rounded program that focuses on only highly effective exercises and training protocols.

You know why? Because, both you and your child are worth it!

Coach Jessica and I are old Mt. Spokane Wildcats training new Wildcats and that’s our focus. It’s certainly more profitable to train as many schools as possible, but we’re loyal to Mt. Spokane and love our Colbert and Mead community. Go Cats!

Our rates have remained affordable and reasonable for our team sports and almost identical to when we started training. We don’t believe in making cost the limiting factor for our athletes and in this day and age, teams need an extra edge in athletic performance.

Of course, more expensive training can feel like higher quality, but there’s only a small handful of trainers who’ve trained as long as us, and none are more passionate about getting results with smart training practices as we are.


Next Level! Former Mt. Spokane Wildcat / RundleFit Athletes

Hard work pays off!

  • Stu Stiles Stu Stiles EWU Football
  • Jacob Barnes Jacob Barnes BYU Track & Field
  • Chase Nacarrato Chase Nacarrato University of Montana Football & Whitworth University
  • Ashton Boothroyd Ashton Boothroyd EWU Football
  • Roy Hyatt Roy Hyatt EWU Football
  • Kellen Clute Kellen Clute Oregon State University
  • Matt Oye Matt Oye Anaheim Angels
  • Emily Stiles Emily Stiles Boise State University
  • Jordan Smith Jordan Smith

Upcoming RundleFit Camps for Mead Washington & Colbert Washington Athletes (Additionally, We Have Ongoing Training Options. >>> Just Contact Us Here For More Details <<< )

Camp Registration & Payment Form (No Refunds or Pro-Rates)

There's two camp options below. The first one is up to 7 weeks, depending on your start date, and the second is up to 12 weeks. That means, that if a camper can only make 4, 5, 6 or seven weeks, they can choose the first option. If your camper plans on attending 7 or more weeks (best value), then the second option is for them.

Please fill out the form below for your student/athlete. 🙂