New Year, New You Challenge

It's Game Time!

New Year, New You 2016!

It's time to get in shape, feel great and jump start your healthy lifestyle for 2016! Simply follow the instructions below to get familiar with Workout Anywhere & the challenge. Prize points & details coming soon!

INFO Please Send Us All Stats Before The Start Date

Follow These Simple Steps to Get Pre-Challenge Ready!

Step 1) Fill Out The Form Below

Use the form below to record your New Year, New You fitness goal.  Whether your goal is big or small, post in confidence so that Team RundleFit can guide you to victory!

Step 2) Record Starting Measurements, Weight and Before Photos

Any time a week before and into the challenge record starting weight, measurements and take before photos using the tutorial below.  It's usually best to weigh the same morning, once a week before drinking or eating.  Same goes for measurements and pictures; so try to complete this step simultaneously.  Our own personal weigh-ins are every Saturday morning, and this does help avoid unnecessary stress and OCD.

Please take before and after pictures with dated newspaper and add a picture of your scale weight with newspaper laying next to the scale ((for time stamp purposes). Challenge materials without the newspaper next to before and scale pictures will not be accepted). Then send pictures and measurements to [email protected] . All challenge starter info (stats, pics, measurements) must be turned in by January 11, 2016!


Don't forget to hold a newspaper while taking front photo.

Once everything is sent to [email protected], you're almost set!

Step 3) Pick a plan that fits your lifestyle

Coach Jessica's meal planning and recipe services make better nutrition and healthy weight loss a breeze.  Follow her nutrition options below to achieve the new, healthier and happier you!  Also, check out categories 1-4 below to find out which combination works best for your goals.  Number one is the fast track for healthy weight loss, while number for is great for improved fitness and health.  Category 5 is great for those who wish to have some convenient on-the-go options, but ultimately should be combined with our meal plans for best and (sustainable) results.

[ess_grid alias="Meal Plans"]

Step 4) Feel Free to Start Your Jump Start Week Now & Get Familiar With The Trainers

Get Familiar With The Trainers and Start Jump Start Week Now. We'll Start The 12 Week Trainer Together on The Challenge Start Date.

Step 5) Join The On Site Community/Group and Start Earning Points Now!

Go ahead and get the jump start on earning points by sharing the challenge details with your friends and family. If you do this on social media, just let us know. More badges coming soon for this portion.


Step 5 - Join the Community

Communicate, challenge, encourage and share in our member's only community on site and in our member only closed Facebook Group (for premium paid members). People are already sharing their results, recipes and scores and they would love to share with you.


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