Hoopfest has erupted into the world?s largest three-on-three basketball tournament, and there are no plans for the growth of Spokane?s signature basketball tournament to slow down. In fact, ESPN will be covering this year?s festival, which will expand Hoopfest?s reach globally and intrigue basketball lovers to visit Spokane for a one of a kind tournament.

Our Experience With Spokane Hoopfest

My wife and I had our own special experience with last summer?s Hoopfest. We were asked to be the social media ambassadors for this event, and to cover anything fitness, nutrition and Hoopfest related for the organization?s YouTube channel. With videos like this one (Hoopfest 25 Fit Tips, Interviews and More!) we covered everything Hoopfest, including how to warm-up, cool down, which venues to attend and special attractions at Hoopfest.

Your Simple, and Easy to Follow Game Plan

However, if you are as anxious about Hoopfest as we are, you should start your training now! This doesn?t have to be a difficult task. Simply follow ?The Ultimate Hoopfest Home Workout,? guidelines below, and visit our website WorkoutAnywhere.net (the official workout link is here: http://workoutanywhere.net/hoopfest-home-workout) to receive an exclusive Hoopfest home workout video, and you?ll be more than ready for the streets of Spokane.

Just remember, all ability levels are welcome to compete during the end of June.?? For the elite competitors, routine practice and training is a given. However, for the Weekend Warriors, Hoopfest might be the first time one has picked up a basketball this year. To avoid unnecessary pain and injury, follow the three best cross-training tips for becoming Hoopfest ready.?? One only needs a couple weeks of this Hoopfest specific training boot camp and, best of all, the training can be performed anywhere.

Step One: Jump Around

Before doing any exercise, be sure to warm up with our quick and effective Hoopfest Dynamic Warm UP:

Now that you’re warm. Exercise with similar strength and plyometric movements for your sport.

Basketball is clearly a sport revolving around plyometric and agile movements. For seasoned basketball players, jumping around is second nature. However, for most Hoopfest players, the inner-Michael Jordan is only let out June 28th and 29th.?? Ultimately, this leads to a week of sore, achy muscles and risk of potential injury. To avoid this agony, start jumping around no later than two or three weeks prior to Hoopfest.

Start with the basics. First, warm up with movement until sweating occurs. This can be going for a run, walk, bike, doing jumping jacks or dancing around. Next, find a step, and hop on to it. Repeat this plyometric exercise 15 times, rest a minute or two and repeat two more times. Finish by shooting around and stretching thoroughly. Repeat this activity every 72 hours and add a step and an additional set of hops, followed by shooting around and stretching.

For full length workouts, core training and other great Hoopfest home workout ideas, become a FREE Workout Anywhere member today!

Don’t Forget to Stretch and Recover Post Game!

Step Two: Get Mobile

There is a wonderful Apple application called MobilizeMe for mobile and tablet users. One can go through a series of stretches and mobility drills based on different body parts. In addition, the app has a timer to help clients stretch for an optimal length of time, and then on to the next mobility exercise.

To make the most of this application with regards to Hoopfest, focus on the lower body?s, lower back, hips and ankles. Turn this app on post workout to make the most of the bodies natural recovery process.

Step Three: Hydrate

More often than not, Hoopfest weekend is hot! Hot weather puts players at risk of dehydration and heat sickness. The easiest way to counteract dehydration is by drinking more water, and less soda.

In addition to drinking less soda, avoid overly caffeinated drinks, sugary juices, alcohol and carbonated beverages. Stick to water to thoroughly hydrate the body and begin as soon as possible. For best health practices, try to get water consumption up and over one gallon a day. Then, take notice of urine color. This may sound disgusting, but if it?s clear, then so are you.

Don’t Forget R and R!

Final Thoughts

By applying the simple, yet effective cross-training practices, rest assured that Hoopfest 2015 will be a successful one. Being prepared always creates a positive outcome and allowing the body time to adjust to Hoopfest-like conditions is the ultimate way to level the playing field.

While enjoying the best of Spokane–best weather (if Mother Nature agrees), best joyous atmosphere, best activity, best views of the spectacular Falls–be mindful and in the moment of how fortunate all are to enjoy this well organized event. The Inland Northwest has much to offer and Hoopfest is one of its crowning achievements.

To learn more Hoopfest training tips with regard to fitness and nutrition, stop by Workout Anywhere on Facebook and Twitter and ask a question. In addition, check out the official Hoopfest Home Workout Video link here http://workoutanywhere.net/hoopfest-home-workout to jump-start a healthier lifestyle for both before and after Hoopfest. Getting into amazing shape is easier than most think and the Workout Anywhere healthy lifestyle formula can be used at home, work or while traveling.

Cheers with water to an exciting and successful Hoopfest weekend!

Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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