When you’re busy and a parent, it’s not always easy to go through meal prep. Okay, let’s get real. It’s never easy! However, meal prep / food prep is the best solution for making healthy weight loss goals a breeze; but wouldn’t it be GREAT if there was a simpler solution?

Well, there is and it’s as simple is following Jessica’s On-The-Go Meal Plan. Watch the video to review parts of the old plan, and then read on to discover the all-new On-The-Go Meal Plan.

On-The-Go Meal Plan Pointers:

The Science behind a toned physique.

Whether following a meal plan or not, some simple rules must be followed in order to give the body’s metabolism a fighting chance to metabolize fat, and detour muscle catabolism (the break down of muscle as a fuel source). Most don’t realize this, but burning calories doesn’t just from body fat. In fact, the body burns from muscle glycogen, fat, then muscle tissue (which all equate to calories). However, burning too much muscle (think endurance athletes) doesn’t encourage the physique most desire.

Best of all, lean muscle will absorb calories. So, the goal for a lean, toned physique comes down to the right type of exercise (Workout Anywhere daily training lessons) and diet.

Below are the 5 main points, that all of our meal plans, including the On-The-Go Meal Plan follow to help promote the fitness goals of most busy parents.

5 Points All Meal Plans (Including Our On-The-Go Meal Plan) Should Follow When Healthy Weight Loss is the Goal:

  • Hydration is key. If the body is dehydrated, not all bodily functions will work to their full potential. So, get your hydration up to par, before expecting healthy weight loss.
  • Don’t skip breakfast! Our body’s are great at storing fat and it’s only natural to store it (think cavemen not knowing when their next meal would come). Plus, when the body is in starvation mode (yes, we are still in this mode in the am (hence “break the fast”)), fat is hard to burn.  Also, there are theories linking skipping breakfast and one becoming more insulin resistant.
  • Eat timely. Eating every 2-3 hours is not a myth. While eating a couple healthy meals is great, the body is naturally more energized and ready to burn from fat with five well-timed meals. Think three main meals, and two healthy snacks.
  • Avoid carbs in the afternoon and evening. Carbohydrates are a direct source of energy and the body doesn’t need it when it’s starting to shut down and prepare for the next day.
  • Don’t QuitGetting your metabolism up to speed and out of “Starvation Mode,” doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, in can take weeks, and if you’ve ever dieted and quit before, it could take longer. Just trust in the process and know you’re doing the right thing for yourself! You’re worth it!!

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