Do you want flat abs, a six-pack or a strong core? ?Try our Four Minute Ultimate Core Training Video #1 and engage your entire core with some of the most effective, ultimate core training movements available to fitness enthusiasts. ?You can do this quick in home workout anywhere, even in a cubicle. ?The beauty of this program is that this workout not only engages your six pack abs, it also strengthens and tones one’s lower back, hips and total core. ?Ultimate core training is about the entire core, not just six pack abs.

There are so many programs that promise six pack abs and quick, effective core training techniques. ?However, an amazing six pack is only rewarding if one is healthy. ?Avoiding lower back and total core training can create imbalances and lead to injury. ?Reward yourself and your core by taking care of the whole support system (core) with our one of a kind, Four Minute Ultimate Core Training?Video? series.

Try this video 2-3x per week along with your total body workouts and a balanced diet for best results. ?Feel free to share what you like, dislike or would like to see more of. ?Our fitness community is here for you to share and to become a leader, if you choose to. ?As well, ask questions from us, friends and peers. ?Our goal is to create as many healthy lifestyles as possible and it all starts with you.

Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

    9 replies to "Four Minute Ultimate Core Training Video #1"

    • DJ Waldow

      That was tough…

    • Coach Jessica

      Come on DJ, it was only four minutes 🙂

    • DJ Waldow

      It’s the back stuff that was tough … Ha!

    • DJ Waldow

      RUSSIAN TWISTS!!!! – man …

    • Coach Jessica

      It’s a good burn 🙂

    • Coach Jessica

      So necessary though.

    • Marty Melcher

      slowly working back into it, 3rd day of both dynamic warm-ups and 4-core, lungs are starting to kick back in……Monday back at it full time!!!!! can’t wait.

    • Nadine Brown

      Great! 4 minute fitness! #fitness #rundlefit

    • Coach Justin

      Great job Nadine! Keep it up!

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