If you’re a busy mom, professional or student, don’t settle for a standard anywhere workout! Instead take advice from the home, travel and anywhere workout specialists and founders of Workout Anywhere™ to fit better health and fitness into your busy lifestyle.

Workout Anywhere is the destination busy parents are turning to for the best all level, fat burning home and travel workouts. In fact, Workout Anywhere was designed by and is personally used by married fitness couple and new fitness family Jessica and Justin Rundle. However, no matter what fitness level one comes to the site with, they must master the basics.

The Basics

Video 1: Dynamic Warm-Up
Video 2: The Basics Workout
Video 3: Four Minute Total Core

What are the “Anywhere Workout” basics?

Bodyweight exercises have several total body movement foundations, that lay the course for every exercise variation and progression beyond the basics.  Not only are these movements universal and truly anywhere movements, they are equipment free and can be scaled for all fitness levels.  First off, lets start with the most basic body weight movement, squats.


Air Squat Challenge - Workout Anywhere
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For true beginners, squats can be performed by sitting back into a sturdy chair, bench, or box and standing up and through the heels (keep weight in heels when sitting back as well).  Once this movement is mastered, keep the same principles in mind and do a bodyweight squat.

For advanced levels, make it plyometric by doing jump squats.  Same principals apply, and don’t forget to breathe out with exertion (when standing back up) and keep your core tight. See the jump squat video here…


Push-Up Fit Challenge Badge - Workout Anywhere
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This might sound basic, but push-ups are one of the best upper body exercises as well as anywhere movements.  Not only are push-ups and their magnitude of variations great for accomplishing most fitness goals, when performed correctly push-ups can become a total body movement (even core specific).  To begin, start from the ground up.

Beginners should start with knee push ups.  That means keeping your core tight, spine rigid and straight (neutral spine position, no dipping or raising of the hips) and hands are perpendicular to your body creating a nice right angle when lowering the chest to the floor.  Push-up from there while breathing out.  Remember to always keep the core tight. Intermediate fitness levels get the standard push-up.

Build off the principles above and just sub out from knees to feet.  Body still stays rigid and perform that push-up. Advanced fitness levels should make this movement plyometric.  Very similar to the clapping push ups, just push off the ground (clap is uneccessary) and repeat rapidly while incorporating all the points above. For countless variations of this movement, check out our member’s section.


Core Plank Fit Challenge Badge - Workout Anywhere
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No matter what one says, planks work, and when done correctly the entire core benefits from this anywhere workout, isometric exercise.  To begin, hold the same position as the push up, or drop down to the elbows and hold.  Hold for 30 seconds (beginner) and up to a minute and beyond for more advanced fitness levels.

As long as the spine stays neutral (as if a glass of water could be placed on ones back without spilling) the plank counts.  To improve the effectivness of the plank, practice keeping the core tight and controlling your breathing pattern. For more variations, become a member to unlock the full potential of the core plank.

Pull-Ups and Australian Pull-Ups

Here’s the gray area for any all bodyweight program.  Targeting the upper, posterior (back side) is difficult to do without a device.  Sure one can do Pull-Ups in a door jam, underneath a sturdy rod, bar or even a sturdy table.  However, this is no longer equipment free.

Workout Anywhere Suspension Trainer WorkoutsSo, what do you do?  Surely you could neglect this major region of your body, but that will do more harm then good.  So, just cave and get the most versatile piece of anywhere workout equipment known as the suspension trainer or bodyweight trainer. Suspension trainers are so versatile that Army Rangers thought up the idea while fighting in Afghanistan.  As pictured, you can wrap a suspension trainer (bodyweight trainer) around almost anything (even wedge it into a closed door) and manipulate bodyweight for the most advanced user, or modify for the most entry level user.

In addition, this piece of equipment is affordable and transportable. For suspension trainer pull-ups or Australian Pull-Ups, lay in the opposite position to the picture and pull your body through the handles.  For pull-ups, keep body as vertical as possible (become a member to see the video tutorial).

If you don’t have a suspension trainer, you can make one fairly easily, buy one at a local store (even Wal-Mart carries them) or order one right here.  If you plan on holding out on the most universal piece of exercise equipment known to man, use an outdoor step railing, pole, swing set, or anything sturdy enough to grip and pull yourself upward.

The Anywhere Workout

Your anywhere workout, if you choose to accept it is the above exercises, in either a three, four or six round format.  Beginners stick to three, intermediate four or five and advanced levels six times through.  Pick the appropriate exercise variation and complete the  rounds with 12 repetitions of each exercise.

Do this as fast as possible, or take your time (beginners).  Post your score at the bottom to let us know how it went. For unlimited workouts like this, and regular coaching from the home workout experts, join our fitness community.  We would love to help you achieve fitness excellence! Cheers w/water!

Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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