8 Minute Meltdown #2

8 Minute Meltdown

All you need is 8 minutes to complete a highly effective, total body workout. This routine is perfect for our home and travel fit members and can literally be done anywhere. It’s all bodyweight!

Go through the home and travel workout details below to get RundleFit!

Step 1: Warm-Up

Step 2:  The 8 Minute Meltdown Workout:

*No equipment needed

8 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

  • 1. Bear Crawl (Forward 10x and Backward 10x)
  • 2. Seal Jacks or Stationary Jacks (10x)
  • 3. Hip Pulse (10x)
  • 4. 3 Push-Ups, 3 Squat Hops or Squats (Repeat circuit 2x)
  • 5. Ab Crunch (10x)

Don’t forget to post your score below in the comments

Step 3: 4- Minute Total Core

Step 4:  Fitness Challenge:

How long can you hold a plank while keeping good form?

Step 5:  Stretch and Cool Down Post Workout

About The Author

Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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