Liquid diets are not the answer! Here’s why…

If you’ve ever struggled with weight gain, and have been lured into attempting a cleanse or liquid diet, you may have experienced some weight loss. Look, I get it. It’s only natural for someone to want a quick fix, even if it’s a pain staking experience. I’ve been through these plans myself, but the truth of the matter is, most plans that revolve around fasting, drinking liquid concoctions or supplements are not a permanent solution. 

Maybe this was your first attempt at dieting, or maybe taking on a cleanse is another attempt to finding a sustainable nutrition plan. However, liquid cleanses and most detox style plans are anything but sustainable. In fact, they are highly unstable.

It’s always good to keep your metabolism guessing. However, even with highly nutrient dense shakes, the body and metabolism can easily adapt to this type of meals. This makes the metabolism lazy and a lazy, sluggish metabolism is the last thing one wants when long-term, sustainable weight loss is the primary goal. No matter how hard or often you exercise, results will remain at halt until your metabolism is back on track and in a healthy fat burning zone.

It’s personal…

Not only was this a personal struggle for myself, but it’s a common problem that I’ve helped thousands of members with (and yes, I’ve tried all the major fad diets and cleanse systems myself). Finding balance and steady weight loss is the key to living a happy healthy lifestyle. There’s no need for expensive weight loss systems, pills, or drugs. Simply committing to real whole food, a meal schedule and nutrient balance will naturally reboot one’s system and detoxify the body of free-radicals, toxins and inflammation.

Watch my video to learn more about the first 7 day step to a new, healthier YOU!

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If you're ready for the ultimate weight loss jump start, check out this page and some of our member's testimonials. This is simply getting your metabolism back on track, and ridding the body of metabolism prohibitors. The outcome is amazing and a number of members have lost 4-10 pounds on average. We've even had one member lose up to 14 pounds!

However, the 7 Day Detox is simply a weight loss jump start. It's not meant to be lived off of. It should be treated as a the first step and pre-cursor to our Eat Clean and On-The-Go Meal Plans.

To get started, follow the 7 Day Detox rules below.  The instructions are exactly the same for both men and women.  The only difference is the actual portions and serving sizes within the plans.  If you have any questions on portions, adjustments or the attached information, please contact us.  We are excited for your first step in creating a healthier, happier lifestyle and know you can do it.  If we could do it, and tons of our members could do it, you can too!

Once you have downloaded you're copy of the 7 Day Detox, return here for additional directions.

Detox Rules:

If you already have the 7 Day (whole food) detox, thank you for taking action septs towards a new, happier and healthier you! This is the best investment one can make and one of the few with proven life changing dividends.

The 7 Day Detox (Sugar Detox Diet) is designed to give you a weight loss jump-start in just one week. Losing two to five pounds is possible as long as the 7 Day Detox is strictly followed for one week. Some have lost more.

Follow the detox diet for one week to help cleanse your system from simple sugars, simple carbohydrates, processed foods, chemicals and other toxins that could be fat loss prohibitors (be prepared to realize how powerful of a role sugar plays on body fat storage). Plus, the plan is a sure fire way of rebooting the metabolism.

During your detox week, hydration is key! Be sure to:

  • Drink 3/4 gallon to one gallon of water a day
  • Do not skip any of your meals
  • Spread meals out into two and half to three hours apart segments
  • Try to rest and sleep at least 7-8 hours/night


After you finish the detox diet, it's not time to celebrate and bring back all the food you craved during the week. It's time to start your first meal plan (let us know if you are ready to move on to a higher nutrition level or would like to purchase a custom meal plan. Read RundleFit's Ultimate Nutrition Levels Guide for details) Member's will find this in the Member's Dashboard and the 12 Week Trainer.

For best detox results, try using the detox no more than once a month. Other good detox cycles are once every five weeks, or once every six weeks.

Remember, this is a new lifestyle shift. It is completely normal and natural to have food cravings, food withdrawals and questions. If you have questions or made a mistake on your diet, just pick up where you left and continue on. Justin and Jessica Rundle are excited to help you on your journey and can be contacted anytime.

For additional support and the complete healthy lifestyle formula, visit our Workout Anywhere home page.  There you'll find details about our game changing 12 Week Trainer, lifestyle meal plans and coaching.  The combination is a sure bet for making positive changes.

Once a member, interact, challenge and discuss health with your peers in our member's only coaching group. Workout Anywhere is the full package and here for you.

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Coach Jessica
Coach Jessica

Jessica & Justin Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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