With the release of Workout Anywhere in 2012, we offered a ground breaking 30 Day Free Fitness Trial that was an instant success. While most home fitness programs were hesitant to offer this gift of online personal training, we were ready for the task. This instantly gave the online training world a more personal approach to online training in comparison to DailyBurn and BeachBody programs.

The 30 Day FREE trial helped members get in shape, feel great and lose considerable weight! Thanks to some wonderful feedback, we’re bringing back our exclusive training opportunity with an all new, redesigned training site that fits the needs of anyone, anywhere seeking the best fitness anywhere!

What’s included in the Workout Anywhere 30 Day Free Trial?

Our trial offers an exclusive, and absolutely FREE basic membership for busy people everywhere! Whether your a mom, dad or busy traveler, our online training program is meeting the fitness needs of thousands of Americans. Once can simply login to Workout Anywhere and access the lesson of the day.

What types of 12 week fitness programs does Workout Anywhere offer?

Original 12 Week Trainer

12 Week Bodyweight Trainer

True Beginner Level Available For All 12 Week Trainers!

We have the above and much more inside Workout Anywhere. Workouts are primarily bodyweight, and some trainers have the aid of a few pieces of exercise equipment (with literally an endless variety of exercises). Our new, Lean Mass and Strength Trainer has more equipment needs, but still requires a fraction of the equipment most programs insist on.

Although free members will not get the full 12 Week Trainers, you'll receive a 30 day glimpse of our daily lessons on site and through your email. From there on, you'll have access to some of the basic membership functions.

*Special For This Page Only!*Get 30 Days FREE, & Then Only $9.99/Month Thereafter (Does Not Include Meal Plans)!


All of our premier, 12 week fitness programs have new daily / weekly lessons that are easy to login through mobile, television or desktop devices, and have an interactive layout for users. In addition to this, premium members receive:

Our lifestyle meal plan pack (7-Day Detox, Eat Clean Meal Plan and On The Go Meal Plan)

12 Weeks and beyond of the best online training / coaching anywhere! Most big names of the fitness industry hire virtual assistants and entry-level trainers. With Workout Anywhere, your coaches are the founders of the system.

An interactive support/challenge community of like minded peers with the same fitness goals.

Access to individual and group challenges. Members earn points, badges and real awards for making progress through our 12 week trainers. Even FREE 30 Day Trial members are eligible to earn points and badges.

Real time fitness tracking powered by FitBit.

So much more!

A couple more 30 Day Free Trial / 30 Day Jump Start Points:

  • Workout Anywhere is one of the first all-level, online training programs. We coined the term True Beginner, and have this option as well as intermediate, and advanced training modules.
  • Free online communities for free members.
  • Free daily workouts, lessons and so much more!
  • Plus the opportunity to earn a FREE premier membership (details inside).

To get started on the new you, and to receive the best online training anywhere, click on the image below.

Start your 100% free 30 day trial now. Workout Anywhere has the whole package (expert coaching, streaming daily workouts, meal planning, community, challenges and more!). Your Workout Anywhere membership, starts with a 30 day free trial offer, and will continue as long as you wish to be a free member. However, to access group challenges and premium training, an affordable payment is required.

Cheers to the new you!

Coach Justin
Coach Justin

Justin and Jessica Rundle are Spokane natives and the founders of Workout Anywhere (a Northwest fitness training app for busy parents, by busy parents). In addition, the two are the official strength & conditioning coaches for Mt. Spokane High School. To Learn more about Jessica and Justin Rundle, click here: Meet Team RundleFit.

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