Re-Test Week

This is it! Congratulations on finishing the trainer! Now, just repeat the initial test from Week 0 to test your overall strength gains and improvement! We are proud of the hard work you put into the trainer and can't wait to hear about your results!

Go rock the re-test!

Watch the Getting Started Video & Read More Below

Get Started

The Perfect Training Program For Home Strength Training

To get started, watch the intro video, and then complete the Week 0 Orientation Tasks below to prepare yourself for maximum strength gains from home or *anywhere. Unlike our previous programs, there will be a need for more equipment. That being said, our aim is to still keep your equipment investment as minimal as possible (with a major, positive return of course! 😉 )

Here’s the game plan…

*This training module is laid out Monday through Sunday, with daily recommendations on exercise, nutrition, challenges and motivation tips. *Workout videos are either in playlist form, or broken into sections based off of the different stages of your daily workout routine. The order is always: 1) Dynamic Warm-Up > 2) Strength Phase > 3) Metabolic Circuit > 4) Core Training > 5) Mobility / Stretch / Cool Down *Most videos have a text description below and an exercise list at the end of the video. *Please comment on what weight you used (or intensity level for bands), how many reps, how long and how you felt after every workout in the comments (at the bottom of the page) and in our >>> member’s community page found here…<<< . This is a private group, so you’ll need to request to be added. *You must complete the task of the day to move on to the next day. Points, awards and badges will be calculated and tracked by this progression. *Also, please feel free to encourage one another within the trainer and Member’s only group. *New lessons will be added every week, with the appropriate progression for your strength goals.

With all that said, are you ready to turn on BEAST MODE?!


Step 1: Warm-Up

For this week only (try to repeat this warm-up daily this week), we’re going to take you through our most popular dynamic warm-up. Every workout will have a specific, new warm-up catered to the daily workout. Please try not to overlook this important staple to the Workout Anywhere training program. This integral step will help you maximize gains, increase mobility / ROM, help prevent injuries and reduce stress (mentally and physically 😉 ).  If strapped for time, try to move until at a sweat, but just remember the body performs best and is less injury prone when warm. To maximize this philosophy, use the RundleFit Dynamic Warm-Up below before all workouts.

RundleFit Dynamic Warm-Up Download (Text Version)  


 Here’s a handy, member only infographic for your mobile device:

Workout Anywhere Dynamic Warm Up | RundleFit

6 Week Strength & Lean Mass Baseline Test

Step 1) Warm-up with the previous tab Step 2) Complete the following. Please use the form outlined in the linked videos and go for max reps or time (on the core plank).

Great job today. Please post your scores in the comments below. Also, please post this in the Strength & Lean Mass Community page for an easy to reference measure for the next testing time. You rock! Keep up the great work!

You Have Options! Below Are The Best Ways to Proceed!

Great job with the Strength & Mass Trainer! Below are the best ways to continue your fitness journey. If there’s not an ideal option for you, let us hear it in the Community. We would love to hear your feedback.

Training Options

  1. Repeat the Strength & Mass Training Series with heavier weights and new resistance levels
  2. Take on one of the other Weekly Trainers here….
  3. Try the “ALL NEW” Workout Anywhere of The Day found here…
  4. Demand an all-new, Phase 2 Strength and Mass Training Series with all new, more advanced exercises and videos. To get the ball rolling on this project, simply share your enjoyment for the trainer with your friends, family and on social media. If there’s enough interest, we will prioritize this project on the top of our “to-do” list and make it available asap.

That’s it! Let us hear your thoughts and plans in the community! Let’s keep up the good work!

Please post your progress below, and in the official 6 Week Strength & Lean Mass Community Page found here… >>> Click Here <<<

Did you earn your badge this week? Click the badge below and then click submit on the next page. (You do not need to write in the box, simply click submit.)

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Post your results and comments below


  • Profile photo of Brandon Ryan

    Brandon Ryan

    February 26, 2016

    wk7 (wk1)

    Max Push-Ups. 75 (61)
    Max Pull-Ups. 40 – Australian style (29 – Australian style)
    Max Squats. 85 – normal squats (knees feel much better from working out) (72 – chair squats ( got some knee issues right now))
    Form Plank. 1:45 (1:15)

  • Profile photo of Brandon Ryan

    Brandon Ryan

    February 26, 2016

    Now I am going to switch to the 12 week Trainer phase 2!

  • Profile photo of Coach Justin

    Coach Justin

    February 28, 2016

    Good plan and way to finish @sydney01! Major improvement! You clearly turned on Beast Mode!

  • Profile photo of Marty Melcher

    Marty Melcher

    April 18, 2016

    wk 7 – fit test – max plyo push-ups 41 vs. 31, max aussies back parallel to ground 50 vs. 28, max jump squats 110 vs. 70 , Core plank 4mins vs. 3:06mins…………………………..suggestions on where to go, repeat or???? would strongly support phase 2!!!!!!!!!!

  • Profile photo of Coach Justin

    Coach Justin

    April 19, 2016

    Nice job @sertaman! That’s great improvement. You can start the same cycle back over, with Week 1 and heavier weights. I’ll get the new phase added on in the mean time.

    Way to work!

  • Profile photo of Marty Melcher

    Marty Melcher

    April 20, 2016

    great and thx!

Great job this week! Strong way to start!