Intro Week

Welcome to Week 0 of the all NEW Workout Anywhere Strength & Lean Mass Series. This is a highly efficient and effective training curriculum designed for busy people. The goal? Build lean muscle mass and enhance total body strength faster then our previous training programs.

Watch the Getting Started Video & Read More Below

Get Started

The Perfect Training Program For Home Strength Training

To get started, watch the intro video, and then complete the Week 0 Orientation Tasks below to prepare yourself for maximum strength gains from home or *anywhere. Unlike our previous programs, there will be a need for more equipment. That being said, our aim is to still keep your equipment investment as minimal as possible (with a major, positive return of course! 😉 )

Here’s the game plan…

*This training module is laid out Monday through Sunday, with daily recommendations on exercise, nutrition, challenges and motivation tips.

*Workout videos are either in playlist form, or broken into sections based off of the different stages of your daily workout routine. The order is always:

1) Dynamic Warm-Up > 2) Strength Phase > 3) Metabolic Circuit > 4) Core Training > 5) Mobility / Stretch / Cool Down

*Most videos have a text description below and an exercise list at the end of the video.

*Please comment on what weight you used (or intensity level for bands), how many reps, how long and how you felt after every workout in the comments (at the bottom of the page) and in our >>> member’s community page found here…<<< . This is a private group, so you’ll need to request to be added.

*You must complete the task of the day to move on to the next day. Points, awards and badges will be calculated and tracked by this progression.

*Also, please feel free to encourage one another within the trainer and Member’s only group.

*New lessons will be added every week, with the appropriate progression for your strength goals.

With all that said, are you ready to turn on BEAST MODE?!


Step 1: Warm-Up

For this week only (try to repeat this warm-up daily this week), we’re going to take you through our most popular dynamic warm-up. Every workout will have a specific, new warm-up catered to the daily workout.

Please try not to overlook this important staple to the Workout Anywhere training program. This integral step will help you maximize gains, increase mobility / ROM, help prevent injuries and reduce stress (mentally and physically 😉 ).  If strapped for time, try to move until at a sweat, but just remember the body performs best and is less injury prone when warm.

To maximize this philosophy, use the RundleFit Dynamic Warm-Up below before all workouts.

RundleFit Dynamic Warm-Up Download (Text Version)  


 Here’s a handy, member only infographic for your mobile device:

Workout Anywhere Dynamic Warm Up | RundleFit

6 Week Strength & Lean Mass Baseline Test

Step 1) Warm-up with the previous tab

Step 2) Complete the following. Please use the form outlined in the linked videos and go for max reps or time (on the core plank).

Great job today. Please post your scores in the comments below. Also, please post this in the Strength & Lean Mass Community page for an easy to reference measure for the next testing time.

You rock! Keep up the great work!

Here’s What You’ll Need For This Training Program

Either have access to this equipment (a gym), or purchase your own items. We’ll try to make this investment as affordable as possible, but the return for your health and gains will literally be priceless.

We’ve researched and organized all of these items by quality / best deal in our online store. Check out the list and then >>> get the gear here… <<<

Exercise Mat

✅ Various Dumbells or Kettlebells

✅ Various Resistance Bands

✅ Super Bands (Perfect For Assisting in Pull Ups)

✅ Exercise Ball

✅ Medicine Ball / Wall Ball (sand filled and non-bouncing)

✅ Bench (floor works too)

✅ Suspension Trainer (long beach towels work too)

✅ Dedication to the best 6 weeks of your life!

That’s it. Once these details are squared away, you’re ready to grow and we’ll show you the ultimate blue print for getting fitter, stronger, and leaner then you’ve ever been!

Please post your progress below, and in the official 6 Week Strength & Lean Mass Community Page found here… >>> Click Here <<<

Did you earn your badge this week? Click the badge below and then click submit on the next page. (You do not need to write in the box, simply click submit.)

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Post your results and comments below


  • Profile photo of Brandon Ryan

    Brandon Ryan

    December 29, 2015

    Max Push-Ups. 61
    Max Pull-Ups. 29 – Australian style
    Max Squats. 72 – chair squats ( got some knee issues right now)
    Form Plank. 1:15

  • Profile photo of Coach Justin

    Coach Justin

    December 29, 2015

    Nicely done Brandon! Great scores too!

  • Profile photo of Marty Melcher

    Marty Melcher

    January 4, 2016

    Max plyo push-ups – 31
    Max Aussie pull-ups – 28
    Max jump squats – 70
    flat form plank – 3:06


  • Profile photo of Coach Justin

    Coach Justin

    January 4, 2016

    Way to work @sertaman ! Hard work paying off!

  • Profile photo of David Pratt

    David Pratt

    January 6, 2016

    Me: Joel:
    Push ups:50 29
    Squats: 65 53
    Pull ups: 15 3 Purple bands
    Planks: 1:30 1:05

    Marty, you’re my new bench mark man. Great numbers

  • Profile photo of Coach Justin

    Coach Justin

    January 6, 2016

    Epic work David! Nicely done!

  • Profile photo of pamela messier

    pamela messier

    January 11, 2016

    50 push-ups
    65 Australian pull ups
    88 squats
    1:45 plank

  • Profile photo of pamela messier

    pamela messier

    January 11, 2016

    Typo alert…35 not 65 pull ups with suspension

Great job this week! Strong way to start!