Getting Started Recap

Hi RundleFitter! The best way to get started with Workout Anywhere is to become familiar with the app and programs. If you haven’t yet, please spend a few minutes watching our app demos video. Then proceed to the first step of your Jump Start Course. By then end of it, you should: Completed a fit…

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Bodyweight Tricep Extensions – Batwing Busters

Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

Workout Anywhere Coach Justin Rundle demonstrates how to do the Tricep Extension as a bodyweight exercise, using only your own bodyweight to achieve great results for anyone focusing specifically on the tricep muscles. Watch the video and read on to master this bodyweight tricep extension exercise for bigger, stronger and more toned arms. Bodyweight Tricep…

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Six Pack Exercise – Alternating Toe Touch Crunch

Optimized-Alternating Toe Touch Crunch - Workout Anywhere

No better way to work on those six pack abs, than with our Alternating Toe Touch Crunch Exercise. Best of all, you can perform this core exercise anywhere. Watch Coach Jessica (Workout Anywhere founder) and fit mom perform one of her favorite abdominal exercises. You’ll literally target the whole abdominal wall (lower abs, transverse abdominals…

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We Have an APP For That Spokane! Premium Home Fitness Training Anywhere Style!

New Family Fitness - Workout Anywhere

Top Spokane personal trainers publish the first Northwest home and travel fitness training app for busy parents! Since 2012, Workout Anywhere™ has been the go-to resource for online home and travel training for busy moms and dads living in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Boise, Missoula, Post Falls, and the Pacific Northwest. With a decade of personal…

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Star Jack Plyometric Exercise

Star Jack Exercise - Workout Anywhere

Feeling springy? The Star Jack is the ultimate plyometric exercise for advanced Workout Anywhere members. Simply follow the quick tutorial, and begin. Star Jack Exercise Points: Squat and touch the outer arch of your feet, but keep your eyes and chest up Explode upward and spread legs and arms like a jumping jack in midair…

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Supermans – Lower Back and Core Exercise

Outdoor 4 Core - Workout Anywhere

One of our all time favorite lower back and core exercises is known as the Superman. This low impact, low risk, lower back core exercise is highly effective and can be performed from the ground or over a swiss ball. Watch the exercise video to learn how we perform the Superman! Superman Exercise pointers: Keep…

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Strawberry Chicken Salad

Nothing beats a delicious summer salad on a hot day. Especially Jessica’s Strawberry Chicken Salad. With fresh picked Strawberries, this salad is full of delicious and nutritious nutrients for your clean eating lifestyle. Let’s get started! Ingredients: 1 bag of mixed spinach greens 4 chicken breasts 1 C dried cranberries 2 pounds of strawberries 1/2…

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Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing - Workout Anywhere

The Kettlebell Swing is a great total body movement starting with the hips and ending through the kinetic chain (shoulders and arms). Watch the quick video tutorial to get started, and then perform today’s lesson criteria. Have a Kettlebell Swing question? Please leave us some feedback in the comments below.

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Alternating Lunge Exercise or Walking Lunge Exercise

Alternating Lunges - Workout Anywhere

Below is a great video demo on how to lunge correctly. Watch Coach Jessica as she demonstrates the alternating lunge exercise. To turn this into a walking lunge, just step through the front heel and move forward. Right into the next lunge. Alternating Lunge Workout Details: Try to keep your chest and eyes up Step…

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Step Ups – Lower Body Strength Training Exercise For Anywhere

The Anywhere Glute Workout

Step Ups are a great way to target the glutes and hamstrings, as long as you step through the heel. To begin, watch the video tutorial below and then get started. Workout Details; To begin, find a sturdy box, bench or step and then step. Place on foot on top of the bench or box and…

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Monster Walks – Hips, Glutes and Lower Body Strength Training Exercise

Side Walk Fit Challenge Badge - Workout Anywhere

It’s true that strong hips equals stronger and more injury resilient knees! Unfortunately, most forget about training the lateral and medial, lower body muscle groups. However, have no fear. Developing strong hips is easy and can be achieved with just a couple, simple bodyweight exercises (for best results use a resistance or mini band). Watch…

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Preacher Curl on Exercise Ball or Back of Bench

Preacher Curl on Exercise Ball

The Preacher Curl is one of the most efficient and effective exercises for training the “gun show” to grow! Learn and innovative technique to maximize this concept in the video below. Workout Details: Grab your favorite exercise ball and dumbbell, and kneel behind it (on both knees) Hug the ball, and position one arm and…

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How to Do The Dumbbell Chest Press on a Bench or Ball Exercise

Dumbbell Chest Press From a Bench and Ball

Looking for a way to maximize your upper body and chest training day? Then look no further than the dumbbell chest press on a bench or exercise ball. Watch the video, and then proceed to the workout details below to get started! Workout Details: Sit on the ball, or bench with the dumbbells pointed up…

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Our Member’s Favorite Hotel Room Workouts – Travel Workouts

Travel Workouts - Workout Anywhere

Over the years, Coach Jessica Rundle and I have provided our Spokane, Seattle, Coeur d’Alene, Missoula and Northwest based members with home and travel friendly exercises / workouts that can be literally used anywhere. No equipment or gym required. We do occasionally recommend some travel friendly devices like bands, or a suspension trainer, to enhance…

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Hotel Room Total Body Workout – Family Fitness Style

Hotel Room Total Body Workout

Making fitness a priority is not always easy if your plan revolves around equipment or a gym. However, for best results, your Workout Anywhere team and fitness family prefer to use their surroundings and hotel room for the ultimate bodyweight training dojo. You can too! We’ve even included our son William into the training plan…

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Hotel Room Lower Body Workout – Travel Workout

Travel Workouts - Workout Anywhere

In following up with our hotel room workout and travel workout video series, it’s time to post a couple more routines from our May family vacation. We left our home base of Spokane, Washington (in the beautiful Pacific Northwest) and visited Laguna Beach in Orange County, Southern California. We stayed very active, with swimming, hiking, walking just…

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Suspension Trainer Hotel Room Workout – Travel Workout

Suspension Trainer Hotel Room Workout

Traveling can be a big excuse for some just to simply not workout or eat right. However, with the right guidance and training, making fitness a priority (even while traveling) is easy. Best of all, one doesn’t need a gym, or the hotel “dreadmill” for a good workout. Just follow the simple workout tips below…

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Fiesta Salad

taco salad

Fiesta salad is the perfect summer time recipe.  It is full of whole food ingredients and a delicious avocado dressing.  Your whole family will love this recipe. Ingredients: 1 lb extra lean ground beef (you can also use ground turkey or chicken) 1 red pepper diced 1/2 onion diced 2 Avocados diced 1 handful of…

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Workout Anywhere Stretch & Cool Down Playlist

Stretch And Recovery

Welcome to Workout Anywhere’s favorite compilation of stretches and cool down exercises designed to enhance flexibility and mobility. All one needs is a few minutes, and the will to improve, because finishing a workout without proper stretching is not really finishing a full routine. The Workout Anywhere Stretch & Cool Down Playlist For best practices,…

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The Best Source for FMS Training in North Spokane

Workout Anywhere Baseline-Test

FMS (Functional Movement Systems) is the screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in athletes. However, buyer beware, not every institution offering FMS and their slogan of “Move Well, Move Often, and Then to Load The Movement,” are doing it well in…

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