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Meet the team that’s revolutionizing on-the-go fitness

Workout Anywhere is the original at-home fitness program. For nearly a decade, Coaches Justin and Jessica have meticulously applied their own training methods and tried-and-true fundamentals to deliver the world’s leading home and travel fitness formula. Begin your ultimate fitness transformation today!


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What is Workout Anywhere?

For the last decade, Workout Anywhere has been a recognized leader in the on-the-go fitness movement. Created by fitness couple Justin and Jessica Rundle, the program has helped more than 2,000 people around the world sculpt the leanest, strongest bodies of their life — without ever stepping foot into a gym.

Workout Anywhere is the future of fitness. Convenient, effective and completely mobile, the program delivers just what today’s busy world needs: 15-minute routines you can perform anywhere, nutrition plans that bring sustainable weight loss, and coaching that inspires each of us to raise the benchmark for health. Join coaches Justin and Jessica as they help you unlock your inner beast!

Workout Anywhere by RundleFit has been featured in the world’s leading fitness publications. The Rundles are active members of the Spokane, Washington health community, and are considered leading experts in at-home and on-the-go fitness.

Meet Team RundleFit

Team RundleFit: The Founders of Workout Anywhere

Justin and Jessica Rundle understand weight loss because they’ve lived it. In 2007, Justin had just finished his college football career, but still weighed in at 270 pounds. Jessica was struggling with the same issues. Together, they made a pact to kick their bad habits and make health a priority.

But this success was short-lived. Once they reached their goal weights, they quickly lost focus. Their extra pounds began to creep back in, and so did their fast food habits. After months of feeling their hard work slip away, they used their fitness backgrounds to develop a routine that would help them maintain their health for good. From this transformation, Workout Anywhere was born.

Nearly a decade later, Coaches Justin and Jessica have helped 2,000+ people at all fitness levels kick their unhealthy habits for good. With extensive training and nutrition expertise and flexible workout program, they are considered leaders in the at-home fitness movement.

Justin’s extensive experience (close to ten years) within different athletic arenas and training clientele of every fit level, and teams (Mt. Spokane High School Strength and Conditioning Coach/Trainer since 2008) has given him the ability to help any client conquer their fit goals. Through positive motivation & Workout Anywhere’s smart training concepts, any goal is obtainable! Let Justin help you find your Beast Mode!

Coach Justin Rundle (C.P.T, Whitworth U Graduate & Mt. Spokane High School Graduate) Cofounder of Workout Anywhere

Jessica has trained clients of all ages and abilities.  She even inspired and directed a highly successful body transformation program for one of the leading nutrition lines in early 2012.  Most recently, Jessica landed her first fitness magazine cover.  She can’t wait to help jump start the new you today! In addition has helped train athletic teams (Mt. Spokane High School Strength and Conditioning Coach/Trainer) since 2008.

Coach Jessica Rundle (C.P.T, Certified Nutritionist E.W.U Graduate, and Mt. Spokane High School Graduate) Cofounder of Workout Anywhere

The RundleFit Mission

Your health is our ultimate goal. Here’s how we help you achieve fitness glory.


  • Make health a lifestyle

    Through our own weight-loss journeys, we’ve discovered the importance of making health a lifestyle, not a highlight. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping thousands of people like you find healthy exercise and nutrition strategies that they can incorporate into their daily routines — no fad diets, gym memberships or liquid diets required.

  • Make fitness accessible anywhere, on any budget

    We’re dedicated to delivering a proven fitness program that helps all people live a healthier life. With Workout Anywhere’s signature fit formula, your budget, busy schedule and fitness level are no longer barriers to better health. If that’s not revolutionary, we don’t know what is.

  • Find a proven solution for everyone

    We not only love to help others reach their fitness goals, but we are constantly improving ourselves through research and application of new fitness trends. Our goal is your health, and we’re working every day to help you achieve that brighter future.

Workout Anywhere is Everywhere!

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